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[Game] Battlevoid Classic

Battlevoid Classic  Commander!

Admiral Geezer needs your help in this sci-fi space tower defense game. An unknown entity is attacking earth and you are called upon to take command of Earths best defense, the Battlestation. Battlevoid: Classic is the best space tower defense game on the market, don’t miss your chance to play this addictive space strategy game! And remember to download the big brother Battlevoid: First Contact as well.

How to play:

Simply upgrade your Battlestation after each wave to defend against the next one.
Set your fighter pilot tactics and more to destroy your enemies.


Wave after wave of incoming threats
Epic boss fights that leave you shaking
Many different upgrades to your Battlestation
Rogue-like play, every game is different with random elements and permadeath!
Stunning graphics and smooth game play

Battlevoid is an amazing space combat simulator. Fight wave after wave of intruding aliens and save humanity. Are you ready for the battle of your lifetime?

Battlevoid Classic user reviews :

A simpler, more accessable version of First Contact, this plays differently enough to not be rendered obsolete by its’ larger cousin. More direct arcade defense action without all the knobs and levers to worry about, but only one enemy race compared to First Contact’s 5(!) distinct enemy races. An extremely fun game worth having along side First Contact.

I really like it. It’s very limited but a great wee tactical space station defence game. The free version gives you 35 levels to get your space station powered up enough for the final attack. I might just buy it to see what the extra levels are like. I’ll let you know.

The enemy counters whatever upgrade path you choose. I find myself losing easily to 4 small fighters, because they can fly past your shields and knock out all of your systems in one run. I occasionally get lucky and am able to hold off several waves. Adding new systems is entirely too expensive, and the only relevant upgrade seems to be improving the hangar so you get faster ship production. The bolter gun you start with is weak and not worth upgrading, because the aiming mechanic is weak .

Game is fun, but Its very short, need more upgrades and more different enemies

Super fun & strategic game, download all games by Bugbyte is my suggestion.

A beautiful game concept so simple that it satisfies my search for a specific playstyle, but its variety in leveling, staging, saves, and overall inbalance with its starting enemies, resources, and currency for upgrades makes it fall flat, overall it WILL drive out new players, they will turn a blind eye to its potential, uninstalling it with a short bad review. This game flourishes in its simplicity, and many things can be added to be better, but complexity is never better.

very much a sit back and watch the action while you add and tweak with upgrades and whatnot. very fun, well made, easy to play and I like how its NOT aggressive in the way it trys to get you to buy microtransactions too. Definitely give it a try!

im a huge fan of bug byte`s games however it would kill them to give the games alittle more money or resources to upgrade. I understand they want the game to be a challenge but the lack of resourses are to the point where it makes the game less playable.

Short but awesome gameplay. Can’t wait to check out other games made by these guys.
  • Bugbyte
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on :)

Love the its super fun it will keep u busy and Sam haung that patric picter suits u bc ur mf stupid its a space tower defence game.

The only problem I have is that the wave 35 boss is too hard, it’s 2 hangers can somehow deploy more ships faster than my 3 maxed out hangers

AI is dumb as bricks the level 35 boss is 10x harder than every level you hit so it isn’t really a good difficulty ramp

The gameplay is great, the enemies change often enough, and it can sometimes be VERY hard. The only problem is that the difficulty ramp is slightly off, but it is still fun. There are some complaints about the AI, and that can be changed to your liking in the “tactics” menu. Overall, a great game, in my opinion.

Great game, truly. Some difficulty spikes but such is… I only wish there was a ad based way to access part 2 and infinite.

Such a fun and clever game! For those who say AI is dumb: the point is to manage tactics of your turrets and hangars ALL the time, every wave of enemies is specific and needs tactical approach. The second most important thing is to cleverly and with uthermost precision manage UPGRADES! You have to constantly adapt to beat them. I beat the first 35 levels with exactly: one shield, one hangar, TWO bolters, one missile, one repair and TWO pulse cannons. Again, carefully watch what to attack: your fighters should pick hangars of the closest enemies by default, as soon they are dealt with, switch them to attack turrets; pulse and missile should attack turrets by default but switch between strongest/closest often and so on. There’s a recipe you see. Try it but experiment too. Once again, a great game guys! I’ll never delete it!

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