Breaker Fun 2 – Blast away all the zombies and obstacles

[Game] Breaker Fun 2 – Zombie

Breaker Fun 2  Use your brick breaker skill to defend against zombie attacks!

Join the brand-new ball blast adventure. Aim, shoot, and blast away all the zombies and obstacles.

Enter the exciting yet challenging zombie zones with the latest game in the Breaker Fun series. Master your ball blast skills to solve brick breaker puzzles and fortify your homeland with all the rewards you win!

Breaker Fun 2 – Zombie Games offers thousands of fun and addictive brick breaker puzzles! No time to lose. The homeland needs your help to stand against the zombie attack. Rebuild areas with the gems you earn from the levels and unlock new areas to renovate!

We have lots of exciting puzzles for you to enjoy! Jump into the remade Breaker Fun game and blast your way through the zombie world and amazing puzzles:

Challenge yourself with the fun levels and classic brick breaker gameplay whether you’re a master player or just new to the game!
Collect loads of gems and special rewards for every level you beat!
Unlock powerful boosters to have a blast!
Explore the new areas as you advance: FRONT YARD, DINER, TERRACE, and many more exciting ones for you to explore!

Tap and shoot for the endless breaker fun! Start it right now!
Need help? Visit our support page in Breaker Fun 2.

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Breaker Fun 2 user reviews :

Tip: you get the ad even if you select the non ad option. Way too many ads that slow down the game play. The ads are overkill in this game. 2 stars as the game play is fun but the ads before and after ever game ruins the experience
  • GameBoost
  • Sorry about the issue you had. Could you send us your Google Play order number so we can take a close look and fix it for you? You can reach us via “MAIL” in the game settings. Please note the remove interstitial ads feature will remove all the banner and pop-up ads, the rewarded video is not included(videos to get extra balls or double the gems)
Awesome!! Definitely a different block-breaking game, apart from the rest!! Great challenges, great cartoony graphics!! Love it!! Raaaar!!!!
  • GameBoost
  • Thank you for the kind review and support! We’ll keep optimizing the game for our players.
I was pleasantly surprised that is game is actually pretty close to the advertisement of it. Lots of ges look one way, but then once you download load it, you find it is nothing like what it looked like.
  • GameBoost
  • Glad to hear that you liked our game! We’ll keep optimizing the game for our players.
New, visual story line to level up and enjoy as you beat each to every other level which is a easy and fun t ok play. Thanks for a good game.
  • GameBoost
  • Thank you for the kind review and support! We’ll keep optimizing the game for our players.
Level 46 freezes and doesn’t let you get through it. I can’t complete mission if can’t get through LVL. This happens every time
  • GameBoost
  • This issue has already been fixed. Could you try to update to the latest version 1.3.1? If it still happens, please let us know.

Got addicted to the first version. This game has been locking up in the middle of the matches all day today. Just lost my consecutive game prize.

It’s a good updated version of the classic game. And as I have only played around 100 levels, I have no idea what surprises lay in store.

Fun game but it freezes on level 146. Can’t get passed it because it freezes after the 3rd shot.
  • GameBoost
  • Thank you for sharing the issue. We’re taking a close look at the problem and will fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for the help and patience!
Game is fun. But the limitations of making the angle smaller near the bottom of the screen is a pain. Kits also a pain trying to adjust the angle just a small amount.
  • GameBoost
  • Thanks for the review, we apologize for the bad experience you had in our game. We’ll take do our best to improve the game for our players.

Pretty good, ads minimal- a PLUS but not as advertised. Meaning, stop making the ad look better than the game! Enjoy

A lot of fun! I found this to be sooo much better than the first one. The first version was boring, repetitive, and frustrating This would have gotten five stars if it hadn’t just stopped and given no more levels of play.
  • GameBoost
  • Thank you for the kind support! New levels will be updated every week with the upcoming versions. Please stay tuned and let us know if you have any suggestions!

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