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[Game] Bubble Cat Worlds

Bubble Cat Worlds  A cute cat’s bubble shooter appears!

Let’s clear the stage and make the world!
It is also recommended for those who touch bubble shooters for the first time

You can hit the bubble in the place you want! Improved operability!
The bubble prediction line is long, so you can hit the bubble with no stress on the target
Let’s capture the stage slowly thinking
The exhilaration feeling when you turn off the bubble mass becomes addictive!

Various gimmicks appeared
Although gimmicks that will interfere with play also appear, gimmicks that will help play also appear
Especially potion gimmicks explode potions that erase the surrounding bubbles
There are powerful Thunder Potion etc that erases one row horizontally, and it is pretty refreshing if it can be used well!
It is a point of capture to play while grasping the position of the help gimmick

Game Rules
If you bubble and connect more than three bubbles of the same color, the bubble will disappear
Since the direction in which the bubble flies is displayed, let’s release your finger at the place you want!
The bubble will fly in the direction of the prediction line!
Let’s erase the bubble of the stage quickly and achieve the clear condition of each stage!

Let’s make items!
All items available during the stage are strong
You can play with confidence because it has a mode that you can get items even without charge
If you can not clear the stage save the item and try again
Because the ranking is also mounted on the stage to make items, I can polish my arms

World that will be improved enough to clear the puzzle stage
When you clear the puzzle stage, the world will be made more and more
The squares are decided for each stage, and when you get the star 3, the corresponding squares will be in perfect condition
Some decorations that appear by clearing the serial number stage … ….
When you take the star 3 in all the corresponding stages, the world is completed!
Let’s clear star 3 with as few steps as possible!
The number of the world will increase more and more with updates

Recommended for people like this
Bubble Shooter Game Fans
People looking for puzzle games that you can play without charge
A person who wants to challenge puzzles with a fond response
People who are looking for apps that can be played at skimmer time
Those who love cute cats
One who likes a combination of cats and puzzles

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Bubble Cat Worlds user reviews :

Purposely gives you wrong bubble colors to entice you to spend money in diamonds for powerups. Getting diamonds without spending real money is also difficult so there isn’t much leeway for those who wont spend money. The first few levels were fine. Stage 71 is where I am stuck at without using a powerup. Also losing gives me the message “Fail to give all the Gold Dragons”?

This game is different from all other games because it show complete projected trajectory of the ball, including final ball position. Also, balls fly faster then balls in other games. We downloaded gazillion ball shooting games, deleted all of them, but kept this one. Negative: lame English.

I am in love with this game!!! It is so adorable, I love the kitty Halloween theme. Two of my favorite things. The controls seem great to me and I hardly get any ads. Absolutely no complaints. It’s perfect.

The character is very cute. Its also a bubble shooter game (as you can see about the game). You can go to different worlds after you finnish the previous world. I don’t have much to say.

OMG This game is so cute and adorable! My eyes just opened up when I started this game! If your into cats this the game for you and I LOVE CATS! I wish I hade a cat like this game in real life.

I am enjoying it so far. Need to assess the button labels as some are not in English for the US version. Tough to exit.

It is real fun, I enjoy the game amencly. I’m not a fan of Halloween. But the sounds and graghets are wonderful.

It’s really fun and super cute. I wish the controls were a bit better, but overall it’s fantastic!!!!

Love the quick shooting and the look of the game amazing video shows the quick way out of the game problems

Beautiful kitty’s beautiful game the music is also lovely I like this it’s great,it. Appeals to all ages I fully recommend to everyone,well done dudes.

This is a really fun game! I enjoy these types of games but this one is really cute. 10/10!

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