Bullet League – Mystical island filled with ancient ruins

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Bullet League Bullet League : Hello Bulleteer! Welcome, you are one of the first to join our battlegrounds <3

Bullet League is still in development and your feedback is highly valued.

We read all comments and are constantly working on improving your game experience. Thanks for supporting BulletLeague, now buckle up and hit that battleground. BulletLeague waits for no one!

Realtime multiplayer action! Compact and fast-paced battles against other Bullet League players on a mystical island filled with ancient ruins and wild jungle territory. Master the gravity-defying gunplay and make sure that you are the sole survivor.

Do you have what it takes to slay, survive and stand triumphant in the BulletLeague?

FIRST and BEST Battle Royale 2D platformer
REAL-TIME multiplayer battleground designed for mobile
SURVIVE by all means necessary

SKILL-BASED, gravity-defying gunplay
WIDE RANGE of cool weaponry
UNIQUE weapon abilities
EXPLOSIVE visual effects

BUILD platforms to escape dangers and trap your enemies
TACTICAL gameplay hailing different strategies
SMOOTH controls for an immersive experience
GRID that closes in to secure a final showdown

STUNNING and hilarious artstyle
DIVERSE areas to explore
DISCOVER rare items in hidden locations
SUPPLY DROPS that give you top-tier weapons

HUGE collection of characters to unlock and play
SHOW OFF your newest moves with funny EMOTES
UNLOCK the coolest items with the BULLET PASS

User Reviews :

Very nice! Good variety of control options. Needs more variety in gameplay modes and maps though. More variety in daily missions, other weapons like smoke bombs, grenades, pistol, sniper, etc. Be able to move gesture button around. Choose lower weapon levels (like bouncy grenade). Also, the game times out when I view ads sometimes, which causes me to lose my reward. It also times out when I tap on an ad I actually like. Needs more maps. Game is neglected by devs. No events this Holiday season.

  • We hope a simpler game will appear to a broader audience, giving you guys more people to play with, and hopefully Bullet League some better legs to stand on. We acknowledge its not the game you originally fell in love with, but in the end, these choices were made to give Bullet League more players, this resulting in more dev freedom. /Bjorn

The gameplay is awesome, as soon as I started playing I bought the VIP and a starter pack, just I would like to give a little feedback. I believe that the developers should allow dynamic joysticks for the users, and also the controls should be a little smoother, it’s because the character sometimes stops jumping and shooting mid fights even though my fingers are always on the joysticks. Please solve that issue, it would be a great help to a lot of people. Overall, great game, keep it up!

Okay, I LOVE this game. The 2D Battle Royale style is unique because what i most think is that you’d be stuck in caves trying to find a way out and die but it exceeded my expectations. Building is very easy, maps are comfortable and simple to master game, i totally would recommend. However, i would like to support the game by watching ads but the problem is that after watching an ad for a crate, it simply takes too long to wait till the game “verifies” it for me. Please fix this. Thanks!

The weapons are quite balanced, the movement feels very good, and matches are passed well, and the game feels pretty fair. The art style works pretty well for a 2D shooter. The only problem is that the jump and fire button are right next to each other which can be very irritating. I see other people rapidly jumping by accident as well.

game is great, has fantastic mechanics and fast games, one of the few I’ve kept installed for a long while now. The latest updates to game is welcomed but the fact you can see opponents health and shield bar is problematic. A good reason BR games are popular is because you dont know who you going up against next. You dont know the situation is when encountering an opponent, what weapons they have or how much shield/health points. The new update has changed that and it’s not as fun.

Amazing game. Not realistic, very simple yet complex. Skill cap is huge, tons of things to learn, play with friends in class all the time. Super fun!

Since the new upgrade some weapons as mini gun/machine gun is not as powerful used to fly when pointed at ground like others, and since our levels have been revealed i swear im not as powerful lol its alot harder for lower level players now i think.
  • Funday Factory
  • Hi again Kelly! Please fill out this form and I’ll do all I can to recover your account: bulletleague.mojohelpdesk.com/login/create_request#/ticket-form/50049

Brilliant 2d shooter. This game as come on leaps and bounds since it first released. Controls are much better for shooting now. Great fun and a must download.

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