Checkers Online – Eliminate your opponents checker pieces

[Game] Checkers Online – Duel friends

Checkers Online  The #1 app for American Checkers!

The classic game of Checkers, just like you remember it! Now you can play against people from all over the world! This is a fast and modern version of the classic board game with user friendly & simple graphics. The perfect game if you have some time over, and it’s free!

Play online:

Find match vs random opponent (matchmaking)
Play with friends! Invite feature included.
Chat with your friends/opponents
Ranking system.

Play local:
Play local multiplayer against a friend.

As you play, you can complete missions
Missions grants you rewards, based on how difficult they are
Separate ranking system for missions.

Level & Stars:
Every game you play grants you stars, winning gives the most
Complete missions to level up faster
Collect stars to level up
Unlock rewards as your level gets higher!

How to play:
All you have to do is select a piece on the board. If you have multiple options, a red dot will appear to help you choose. The objective is to eliminate your opponents checker pieces by jumping over them. If you manage to reach the other side of the board, your piece will be crowned “King” and will then be able to move(and jump) backwards!

You win by eliminating all of your opponents checkers pieces, or if your opponent can’t make a valid move!

There are 2 types of pieces: Pawns and Kings.

Pawns can move one step diagonally towards your opponent, to the left or right.
Pawns can also jump over the opponent forward(towards opponent).
Kings can move one step diagonally (and jump) in all directions.

FORCED CAPTURE is enabled:
This means: if you can jump over your opponent, you have to! This is standard tournament rules in American/English Checkers (Draughts).

There are many different types of Checkers, the most common game mode is American and English one.

I hope you like the game! Feel free to leave your feedback if you like it or if you feel like something is missing!

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Checkers Online user reviews :

Game is BS when there’s no way to win the opposite player will not accept draw and you have to keep moving the same move over and over again it’s absolutely bulshi there should be an automatic draw after certain amount of moves and 1 minute to decide where you want to move is way too long

It is a fun game you cam ues for a trip and play when you are gone from. Your friends

Please fix the glitch whereby you gain points by just minimising the app when it’s another player’s turn to move, alot of players do this and gain fake points, I played against all top ranked players only to find out none of them gain points legitly.

I quit. Developer does not care that many complain no forced draw. Donkey cat checkers better game with legitimate rules with forced draw and no glitches. I see a lot of irrelevant complaints about forced jump. Disregard them and set a 50 move draw rule or don’t say you are using American checkers tournament rules. I will keep reposting this so it keeps on top of reviews. TO many idiots on this site, a shame. And yes the computer glitch gives triple move to 1 player I have screen shot proofs.
  • Hagstrom Dev
  • Hi, are you saying the computer moves multiple times or moves your pieces? That should not be possible.

It’s a beautiful game however an option to repeat against the same player is missing.

No option for a draw. I once played an idiotic player who kept playing the same move with only one piece left each…I had to quit the game and he won. I was so disappointed
  • Hagstrom Dev
  • That should not be possible. Can you send screenshot to support[at]

Entertaining, easy to use and its worth having

Along with your Chess App , the best, and it follows tournament rules which means a force take, please give us a no Adds option please

Why no forced draw with 2 on 2? Also, the ranked player list does not update. I have a higher score than several of the currently ranked players.

Great app.. easy to use.. enjoy playing online against players around the world

Good game, able to easily connect with friends online. One big issue: If I have the option to jump the other player’s pieces, the game ONLY lets me jump. It does not allow for choosing a non-jumping move, which is disappointing, since half of the strategy is realizing you have a jump to make on your own. Sometimes a non-jumping move is strategically advantageous, too, but the game doesn’t let you.

Besides the random ads, the game is great for strategic thinking, “What is the next move?” I am very happy that my brother insisted that I install this app to play along with him. We played for like over two hours while being on the chat call. Lol. Great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Also, great way to exercise the mind too. Games like this helps to improve memory and other brain functions. I would like to find multiple-player Chinese Checkers app too. Lol..
  • Hagstrom Dev
  • Thank you for the great review!

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