Climb Higher – Can you reach the top

[Game] Climb Higher – Physics Puzzle Platformer

Climb Higher  A challenge lies before you, or rather above you.

Can you surpass this vertical puzzle? Can you reach the top? And then what, will you stop and rest, or continue to climb higher.

Climb Higher is a challenging physics based puzzle platformer where you must slingshot yourself up high, stick to whatever you can, shatter through everything that breaks, grow big, shrink down, become the master of your momentum, and reach even greater heights!

From the creator of Brain It On! and Shatterbrain. This game shows ads during gameplay, but you can remove them with an in app purchase which supports my work and helps me continue making games. Thank you for playing my games!

Climb Higher user reviews :

fun game, super developer — I have over 90 yellow triangles — I can’t find an explanation about unlocking all levels or using colored hats

This game is good. Ads are less but it will get boring. If you like hard games then this is for you.

Too much fun! Then the drama builds fast, a bit too fast, but still manageable. All Orbital Nine games are now the only ones I play.

Great game! It makes me mad regularly. I can’t get enough of it and the ads are minimal.

I had a good feeling about this game and I was right. Ignore the bad rating, it’s a shame such a great game has less then 4 stars.. Keep it up devs F the haters…this is gold..

This game is very clever, and very difficult. Significantly more difficult than I was expecting, from what appears on the surface to be kind of a casual phone game. It’s a welcome challenge, with a good difficulty curve (at least up to where I’m at) and clever level design. Lots of ways these mechanics could be used and expanded on, and I’m excited to see where the game will take me. Give it a go.
  • Orbital Nine Games
  • Thank you for the review Connor!
Interesting challenges, but nowhere near as enjoyable as Brain It On. This game could really benefit from some simple instructions or explanations. For instance, I made it to level 18 and I still don’t know what the yellow triangles do. Couldn’t unlock level 19, because obviously I didn’t achieve some undefined objective in one of the previous levels, but I’ll never know what. Would have preferred a few dozen new levels of BIO instead.
  • Orbital Nine Games
  • Sorry for the confusion. To unlock later levels you need to earn the number of stars shown on the lock graphic in the center of the screen. The triangle collectables are optional and just unlock cosmetic things on the store screen as indicated by the lock graphic and number of triangles required on that screen. Email /w q’s

Super fun game with the perfect amount of challenge. I genuinely like it as is but I admit it could use some visual polish (Angry Birds and Cut the Rope) were essentially physics simulators (as is this) but they, arguably, became hits because they had polished aesthetics and a narrative to grab onto. I’m not saying they should be copied but they may be useful as case studies

WOW Fantastic. I have 3 ORBITAL NINE apps, I think this is my favorite, but BRAIN IT ON is pretty good.
  • Orbital Nine Games
  • Thank you for the review, Bud! I appreciate your support. Please share my games with your friends if you think they’ll enjoy them. Best regards, Aaron.

I really recommend this game. I have played it for many hours now, and it is absolutely amazing. There is always different and creative ways to do the levels. I love that you have to combine your creativeness, your logical thinking and good timing to get the best results. This is definitely the best puzzle game I have ever played!

This game is difficult, frustrating at times, and I love it! It’s smooth and intuitive physics combined with challenging, multisolution puzzles. My only concern is that (after getting all 45 stars and the bonus level) I’m forced to wait One Whole Earth Day for a new daily level And what about more of these Epic Bonus Levels huh , or a lil level creator action bruh, ok thaaaanks

I absolutely loved ‘Brain It On’ by the same developer, and completed it all to soon (even though it was tough in places)! Been looking for another addictive puzzle fix ever since and nothing has come close to it, until now. A very talented developer and I’ll be watching closely for their new games in the future.

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