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Urban fantasy collective RPG CounterSide

The game for anime fans!

While the Administration Failure led to Corrupted Objects threatening the very existence of humanity, A chosen few, known as the Counters, fight against these Corrupted Objects to drive them back to the void.
Now, the ceased clock ticks once more.

Legendary Animated Illustration Quality
Save the world by commanding attractive characters with mind-blowing animated illustrations.

Thrilling Line Battle System
From gorgeous girls to astonishing mechanical units to select!
Strategize with realistic characters in the real-time PVP arena for victory!

Countless rich scenarios on a whole new level (500,000+ words)
Enjoy the vast emotional stories encompassing SF, Noir, and Post-Apocalypse genres.
Feel the animation-like stories characters are going through in a world that repeats destruction.

Refined BGM and Charming Voice
Savor the world of CounterSide through high-quality BGM and immersive voices.

Vast Content and Convenient Play
Experience various contents conveniently with skip and auto play functions in Story, Arena, Raid, Dive, and more!

Available text language
English, German, French, Korean

Requires Android 5.0 or later

Permission Information
Camera: To take photos with in-game AR feature
Read Phone State: To check the information sets on phone for the default language settings
Read External Storage: To use for space utilization for storing app data
Write External Storage: To use for space utilization for storing app data

Official Community
Official site:

CounterSide user reviews :

Overall I like the concept of this game. A lot of detail and work has been done on the characters. The depth of the art is good with a mixture of 2d and 3d elements. This is a nice spin on a old kind of game format that you don’t see often and I like the modern spin to it. There is some glitches with the hq interaction where I clicked the office and it doesn’t transition at all and I have to reboot just to get it work. There is some other UI issues that emerge that give me errors and break it.

  • Dear CEO, we sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve encountered so far, but please rest assured that our team is working twice as hard to fix these issues. Our priority is to provide more fun and stable gaming experience to every CEO, Thank you.

I love this game fully. Absolutely beautiful art and animations ! The music is nice. I love all the characters and styles. Great story so far. There is a lot to do and that’s a good thing. I recommend this game to everyone ! The only issue I’m having is the Game seems to randomly crash on Android. I’ve lost pvp matches and wasted loads of stamina because of this issue. It will just freeze in map. I hope it can be fixed sometime. I love this game !

Looks and sounds great. Gameplay can be as deep or casual as you want it to be. Plenty of modes, including real time and auto PVP. The SEA version has been out for a while now and proven that this game has staying power. However, this version has had a bit of a rough launch. Even after several attempts at maintenance, certain parts still aren’t working correctly. It may even out in time, but it should be noted that the SEA version is easily available and entirely in English, with a PC client.

Great launch, they really give you all the resources you’ll need for a strong start. I feel like certain aspects could be explained better and there’s a bit of information overload with how much content is available from the beginning, but I imagine that’ll level out after awhile. Action during combat is smooth and characters look great, but sometimes the game can freeze or crash during menu navigation, which I assume will be ironed out at some point. Overall I highly recommend

Game is gorgeous, I really like the character designs, the story is interesting, but there was a hiccup I came across. I joined a consortium and while it didn’t register at first, after closing and restarting the app it showed that I was in it. The problem came when I clicked on the consortium tab and I was stuck in a black screen. I waited several minutes, but nothing happened. Restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t fix the issue. Edit: My issue has been fixed. Great game!

The launch is pretty buggy, there is a bug where I am stuck in the pvp session. And there is another bug where I cannot see any of my characters and something in Korean pops up in the management tap and there is nothing I can do about it. Those two bugs happens pretty often, at least with my device. Other than that the game looks fantastic tho. Edit: they fix the bugs

Latest Update :

CounterSide x holoMyth Collaboration!
~Holy Moly~ hololive
strange holoMyth

1. [Collab] holoMyth
2. [Collab] Trophy & Figure
3. [Collab] Mission (1 Free skin available)
4. [Episode] The Sun-Calling Tracks
5. [New Unit] Yamata no Orochi, Hayami Kanade
6. [Challenge Stage] Nanahara

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