Dan The Man – Is the genesis of a new style of mobile game

[Game] Dan The Man

Dan The Man  Halfbrick studios, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride go back to their N64 roots to bring you an action platformer like no other.

Featuring a Mario like hero, weapons that go boom and action that hits you like a slug to the chest, Dan The Man is the genesis of a new style of mobile game.

Play your way in Story Mode, Endless Survival Mode and Battle Mode to unlock costumes and upgrades and use arcade style controls to defeat super difficult bosses that will make you shake like jelly!

Ever wish you could take your favourite arcade game on the bus, train, plane or to the beach? Well now you can!

Download Dan The Man, the best retro arcade action game on mobile now.

Bone-crunching boss fights. These robo monsters will hit you right in the gearbox!
Powerful weapons and upgradeable attacks. Bring the sonic boom!
Create custom characters or play as Dan, super girl Josie and Barry Steakfries (IAP)
Test your skills in Battle Mode. Pow!
Daily events with super rewards
Secret areas brimming with treasure
Pinpoint controls with support for gamepads. Just like playing Nintendo on your phone!
Play the story. Save the day. Be Legendary!

Dan The Man user reviews :

I like this game very much,it has a short story and its a action and adventure video game,and i clearly love these games

It’s a pretty good game, I’d totally recommend it to players who like action/platforming games. But I’m not here to talk about how good the game is, I’m here to talk about how the game is bombarded with ads, you get 5 ads per level, 1 ad if you want to play a bonus level, and 1 ad after you beat the bonus level, and did I mention that you have to wait 5 HOURS just to play a 10 minute level? WITH MULTIPLE ADS IN IT?! Halfbrick, I love your games you made my childhood, but it’s 2 stars for me.
  • Halfbrick Studios
  • Hi, You can buy Premium if you want to get rid off ads and more bonus, or watch ads to reduce the time you have to wait in some levels, enjoy the game, thank you for your time!

Game is good tbh. But the ads, the annoying ads, it ruins the game. Every save point have forced ads. Everytime you start a game, there are ads. Half of the game is all ads that makes it hard to enjoy the game itself. I want to make this 1 star but it’ll be unfair for the devs that gave effort for the design of the game. But they’re also the reason why I gave only 2 stars because of their greediness.

This game is absolutely awesome I play for like 10 hours each day I really appreciate the 66% off for Premium! I got Premium helps alot especially cause I’m on HARD Mode now. (Adds) it’s okay but adds SUCK when your at the end. (Game play) Amazing! (Fun level) 999999999999 ABSOLUTELY FUN!!! (Hardness) it’s not even easy or hard it’s just medium until hard mode of course. (boringness) EW GET AWAY FROM ME!! (Music) I could listen to it for the entire day (Upgrades) hard to upgrade but okay for me!

Amazing. This game is a good continuation of the web series, hopefully you guys have more stages in the works, because I don’t think the story of Dan and his girl aren’t over yet. I would like to see more available costumes to unlock, like the red ninja outfits, the other goon outfits even the night gear men. Other than that you have really hit a homer with this game.

Nostalgic Gameplay Done Right So far, I am loving this game. I recognize elements in it from various games I played across such platforms as Gameboy, NES, and SNES. It is like a mashup of many of my pastime favorite games, and I am having a blast playing through it. The combat and controls are fairly smooth, but I have experienced a bit of lag. Advertisements in the non-premium game do not get in the way of gameplay unless you choose to initiate them for in-level rewards. All in all, this is a gem of a game.

Latest Update :

NEW EVENT: The digital world is under cyber-attack! Fight the Viruses trying to infect the system!
NEW ARENA AND MISSIONS: Discover the new battle arena designs and special level missions!
NEW SUIT: Unlock the exclusive Trojan and Virus fighters!
NEW REWARDS: Don’t miss the new event emotes and icons!

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