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FamiSafeFamiSafe is your most reliable Screen Time & Location Tracker parental control app, with features like kids’ screen time control & location tracking, Tik Tok history check, activity report, website filtering, game/porn blocking, suspicious photos & text detecting on social media app like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. With the latest FamiSafe 6.0 Version to ensure family’s online safety and happy family time!

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After registration, you can keep using FamiSafe screentime control for three days, 100% FREE of charge. All the functions like screen time control, YouTube history check, activity report, sensitive words block and so on.

Why should you choose FamiSafe?
Recognized and trusted by many organizations and associations
2021 Family Choice Award Winner. Awarded by Family Choice Awards.
Best Innovative Tech Product for Children 2021. Awarded by Loved By Parents Award.
The best family-friendly product. Awarded by Mom’s Choice Award.
2020 NAPPA Winner. Awarded by National Parenting Product AWARDS.
Seal of Approval Winner. Awarded by The National Parenting Center.
MFM Awards 2021 Winners. Awarded by Made For Mums.

Hottest Functions
Screen Time Control
Track and plan the screen-time using of kids
Remotely block or allow the using via screentime control

Phone Activity Report
Remotely track phone activities like YouTube, TikTok, etc
View what apps kids install or uninstall

Explicit Contents Detection
Show explicit contents like porn detected from a kid’s device
Customize the keywords that trigger the detection

View TikTok History
View kids’ TikTok history
Track how much time kids spend on TikTok

Tracking App: Location Tracker & GPS Phone Tracker
Find your kids’ current location to ensure safety
Track kids’ location history by timeline
Create a safe zone for tracking kids and get alerts when they break the planned zone
Create family link, find friends, find phones, family search

App/Game blocker & Usage
Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps
Send instant alert when children try to open blocked apps or games
Keep track of YouTube kids

Website Filter and Brower History
Filter websites to shield kids from porn, gamble or other threatening sites
Track children’s browsing history

Suspicious Photos Detection
Send instant warnings when detects dangerous pictures in kids’ phone albums
View Explicit Images directly on parents’ device

Suspicious Text Detection
Detect risky keywords from search history, received or sent texts on social media app
Setting keywords you concern about, such as Sex, Violent or Drugs
Detect WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more

How to track screen-time, find my kids, create family link for parents, block app/game/porn with FamiSafe – Parental Control App & Location Tracker?
1. Install FamiSafe phone screen time tracking app on the target device;
2. Register a FamiSafe screen time parental control app account;
3. Start screen time, find my kids, block app/game/porn, and parental control!

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FamiSafe user reviews :

It’s ok. Tons of nuisance “explicit content” alerts because the algorithm is not intelligent. For example, my son watches a YouTube video on baseball and the word “hit” is flagged for violence or other things out of context. This happens so often and the library of words are long. It needs some kind of context consideration. No fingerprint unlock for the app. Navigating around has too many menus and buttons for basic things. Not the best interface and not that easy to use. Probably not renew.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the typing error issue. Unfortunately, it is a technical problem that we are currently unable to resolve. However, we are able to make adjustments to the fingerprint unlock and user interface. Specifically, we can implement fingerprint and iOS Face ID in the short term.

This app is great! Almost perfect. I have a few problems with it though hence the 4 stars. While it goes show you what the person is watching on TikTok, it doesn’t show when they go into TikTok lives. It doesn’t show Instagram lives either. Not necessarily the biggest deal but would be a nice feature. Sometimes (with the explicit words stuff) if you go into a chat it’ll put in ALL the chats with that word or words. Again not really a problem, just a bit hard to tell what was said on what day!

  • Hello cassi, thanks for your feedback. Please note that TikTok can see the specific time, but we only support the function of suspicious word detection on Instagram. Please If there have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know via WhatsApp: +44 7512-370 -331.

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