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Are you looking for an exciting new puzzle game that has the power to really bend your mind? Flexy Ring is a fun logic game with a simple concept – just tap on the pins to release the rubber bands and gradually untangle them to complete each level – that rapidly gets really tricky as the levels progress. Give your understanding of physics and your lateral thinking a real test as you untie the rubber bands and complete puzzle after unique puzzle in this great fun and exceptionally challenging game .


A game with real stretch: With over 150 challenging levels and eight unique modes, Flexy Ring is a game that has more than enough to occupy your mental bandwidth for hours and hours of testing logic puzzle fun.

Snap to it: The concept and mechanism of the game couldn’t be simpler – just tap on the right pins to set the elastic bands free with a satisfying ping. But are you sure you can free them in the right order to sort out the tangled mess and complete the puzzle?

Bounce back: If you make a mistake and ping the wrong rubber band, you can start the puzzle again and try a new approach as many times as you need – there’s no penalty for trying in Flexy Ring, so keep pinging the bands until you find the right solution.

Sticky situations: Try out the Rubber Band Challenge again and again with over 20 different exploding objects. Keep adding rubber bands until the object pops. Don’t worry, though, your screen protects you from flying pieces of watermelon and all the other mess from the blast.

Focus on the details: Special extra-large levels feature very big puzzles that require you to zoom in and untie individual sections of the rubber band tangle, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.
Unwind as you untangle: Beautiful, brightly colored rubber bands, pretty backgrounds, eight unique locations, and satisfying sound effects ensure that, even when the puzzles are really hard to untie, playing Flexy Ring is always a fun and relaxing experience that helps to relieve stress.


Think you’ve got the mental flexibility, the knowledge of physics and the visual perception to solve some really challenging rubber band puzzles? Then download Flexy Ring right now and get ready for hours of addictive elastic band fun that’s guaranteed to keep you amused and give your brain a real workout time and time again. If you want to discover what real fun with rubber bands is then get playing Flexy Ring right away.

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Flexy Ring user reviews :

It’s an easy enough game. Good to just kill time. But those mini game in between are ridiculous. I did one but the next one I have to swipe 54 time to explode a milk carton??? If I wanted to just swipe swipe I’d find a game like that. Those mini games are boring and a total waste.

Why all the ads?!? Play a level, then an ad. Rubber band challenge, then an ad. Location, then an ad. In 5 minutes, there’s about 1 minute of play and 4 minutes of ads. How absolutely annoying! I understand that’s how you pay for the app, but seriously it’s too many ads. Take out at least half the ads and this game could be relaxing.

This is a fun game but as I’m going through it I’m realising that there are no actually challenging levels. Levels are all very easy and so it’s fun to play in small bursts every so often as otherwise it just gets boring

I give this game a 3 star rating because it’s kinda addicting but also very annoying because of all the ads that they put in they give you mini games in between the games which is a bit frustrating and on top of that the ads that they give you in between the mini games and games are stupid adds they dont even interest me or I’m sure anybody else if you were to ask them In person would say that the adds are dumb too. Addicting but annoying and trusting so a 3 star rating over all 3/5

An enjoyable game. Makes me think, but not too hard. Different to others I have played too. I’m on level 320, so the problem others have mentioned must have been fixed. Personally I can’t see the point of the rubber band challenge, or earning crystals, which only seem to buy more rings for the challenge. I enjoyed the first couple, but now it is just something to get through. A way to automate this bit would be great.

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