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[Game] Four In A Row

Four In A Row  You can now play the classic Four In A Row board game on your phone or tablet!

The objective of the game is to connect 4 of your chips in a row. You can do this horizontally, vertically, or diagonal. The first player who does this wins! But watch out when you’re playing, as your opponent will try to connect their four chips as well!

This fun family game can be played at all ages, young and old! Play on the bus, while waiting at a restaurant or just in your couch. Have fun training your four in a row strategy skills!

Game modes:

One Player : Challenge your mind by playing against your own phone or tablet! Will you be able to beat the AI (Artificial Intelligence)? This game mode has 4 difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and expert.
Two Players : Play against your friends or family like a classic board game. Two players get the chance to drop a new chip every turn to try and connect four in a row. This multiplayer variant is played on a single screen!

How to play:
Drop a chip in one of the seven columns of the board. After you have taken your turn, your opponent can do the same. The first player who reaches a streak of four connecting chips wins the game!

Extra features:

Four difficulty levels
Local multiplayer
Playtime clock
Highscores and statistics
Beautiful and simple user interface
Available at no cost

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Four In A Row user reviews :

Best connect 4 game, for a free game not too many ads and the ads are gracefully short. Would reccomend playing on expert difficulty in solo mode, it’s nice that it tracks stats.

Even in my mid years, I still play this strategic game. The ap is super fun and gives you a level choice. So nice to beat the computer.

Nice version of a vintage board classic. The sole (problem?) is when the game ends, there is not enough time to view the board and make a quick study before the new game prompt. Download this, and have fun, but don’t expect to learn or develop strategy for a live board match; it’s simply not why the game was developed. 4.95/5.00

This is exactly what you want in a Connect 4 app. The ads are pretty minimal, about once per 2 games or so and they’re very short for the most part. The two player mode is perfect, AI for single player leaves a lot to be desired. All in all, it gets the job done and is perfect for a free-to-play app. If the graphics and AI were just a little bit better I’d have no problem giving it 5 stars or even purchasing the app.

Game is okay, but it doesn’t count my wins properly. When I line up 5, it only highlights 4. Also, sometimes I have an intersection of 2 wins (eg. 1 diagonal + 1 horizontal) and it only highlights 1 of the wins. While this may not be a huge deal to some, it is to me. If I put in effort to get 5 in a row or multiple wins, I want to see it.
  • Ignace
  • Hey Bob, Glad to hear you like it. The game currently highlights four in a rows only indeed. Thank you for the feedback, we’ll take it into account when making new updates to the game. Kind regards, Ignace
Two player mode is exactly what i wanted. However, the single player bot is quite unintelligent at times (aka. easy.) The game is still playable and good for practice, if that is what you desire. Ads really haven’t been too intrusive for me so far.
  • Ignace
  • Hey wick, Glad to hear the two-player mode is exactly how you want it! You must be good if you can beat the AI on export modus hehe. I’ll make a note to see if we can add an even more difficult modus! Kind regards, Ignace

I played on Expert, for me personally it wasn’t hard, more like easy. But if your not familiar with the game it may be a good setting. I played 3x and got board. Not enough of a challenge for me.

The compiuter takes control so apparently and so undemocratically that you inevitably start to hate the compiuter generated player and the whole game. It lets you win once every 6/7 games and it plans exactly what steps the compiuter player should take. So it is 100% biased and devoid of any impartiality. Dont download it.
  • Ignace
  • Hi Farideh, thank you for reviewing Four In A Row! Rest assured, the single-player mode DOES NOT let you win a certain amount of games by planning it beforehand. The computer always tries to win every game like a human would but is only as smart as you choose it to be based on the difficulty levels. Kind regards, Ignace

Play on expert. I swear the cpu throws the game from time to time. There are ads but they are not excessive and don’t completely upset the game play.

Suggestion for improvement: Allow the player to set “computer always goes first” or “human always goes first”. Great game, and props to the devs!

Ok I did give a higher rating but what i meant by “it logs me off” was like when I got on the app it would send me back to the home screen and also what I meant by ads every second was that I got ads every time I did something which was very annoying so I apologise if I wrote it where u misunderstood but I please do fix this bug.
  • Ignace
  • Hey Izuku, Did you write this review for the correct app? You mention that it “logs me off”, yet the game modes are fully offline and there is no login functionality. The ads are also shown very infrequently, max one every two games. Kind regards, Ignace

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