FreezeTag Online – Make your clan the best

[Game] FreezeTag Online

FreezeTag Online  Let’s play in real time!
Real time online games with friends (up to 40 people)

Show off your personality!
2,000 types of permanent costume items, let’s decorate by part!

Let’s make your clan the best!
this game is the end of the online multi game!
Let’s be with your friends through the clan system!

Endless modes!

Police and thief
Bomb mode
Mafia mode
Shooting Mode (FPS)
Freezetag mode
Drop mode
Marathon mode
Flag Mode
Team Battle Mode
1: 1 battle mode
Giant mode
Zombie Mode
Entertainment room

Let’s show off at Karaoke Room!
You can go upstage and sing with people.

Optional Access Rights
(Save permission) You can access your photos to write a post in CAFE.
(Mic) Allows you to access your microphone for voice chat.

FreezeTag Online user reviews :

Hi Well this game is great but on the thin ice i dont think it fair for people to push you off it is really annoying So pls fix that also this game is amazing

I like this because freeze tag gives lots of coins and stuff 5 Stars

This is a really good game no adds (I believe) but you can make friends but I don’t know how to make friends

I love this one game!!! it’s not me to be able to get this game! I love you

The game is really fun, but the one thing that bothers me is when I’m in the freeze tag mode the tagger is able to hit me from 5-10 meters or however the game measurement is away, but when I am the tagger I can’t even do that, even when I have a really low ping, or high ping. Another thing is that why have two extra currencies instead of just a main one and an extra? I think it would just be easier to have it like that, instead of having cubes as well. This is what sucks for me. It is still fun.

I liked the game but somehow while ot’s loading up, it got stuck on a 50% and then I had to shut it down to restart the game , well technically, controls are a bit hard, you kept on being tag, and then costumes are being locked, and somehow , there are no english speaking player :( but yes overall fair with the ads on it

I can’t play this game anymore. The battle won’t start because it lack players. I’m nearly losing an interest in this game. I rated this game 1 star for you to be inform but I’m not hating this game. Please fix this as soon as possible, make it playable again. Make a server that lots of players can play there and can match a battle instantly.
  • EOAG Games
  • Due to the newly opened, there are not enough people. However, there are new members every day. It would be helpful if you could login every day.

Game wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t need 8 players to play. Even if there are 7 people working wonders in the waiting room, you’ll never get to start the game, thus no one even bothers playing. If you could play with like… 2 or 3 people, then you wouldn’t have a dead server

This game was fun at first until glitchs started messing up the game 5 reasons why you should NOT download this game 1, it has a lot of glitches 2, it is hard to get It 3, it’s in a different language 4, the game time is not long enough 5, it will NOT connect to my internet even though it’s perfectly fine. 1 star until fixed

The game looks cute but you could never get into a game. I know it’s not the creators fault that there’s no one on the US server but I was really looking forward to playing

Yeah, there are a lot of costume options and creativity freedom for your character, but why can I not change my skin color? I don’t want to be forced to not be myself, why isn’t there a darker skin color option?

Why south asia is only the server of this game its a hard time for me to communicate since i dont know how to speak there language second is why its so hard to get cubes for buying stuff you need to top up money just to get one third why is it taking too long to unlock the clan thing to join clans last is for me this games needs more improvement i wish for best someday…

Good game and good outfite and diffrent modes to choose from but not that many people play it so not alot of severs and some time u could be in a server by ur self

Omg i love the game soo much that my nouse got bleed thank you for making the game so everyone can play it even though some peolpe dont like it but…it is only a game so its ok even it freeze or lag or something else because its only a game. And i know it S suppose to be fun and all but its still ok

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