Gods Quest – Become a lord and develop your city

[Game] Gods Quest – The Shifters

Gods Quest  You’re a lord in Greek mythology.

Recruit heroes and soldiers, and conquer and expand territory in order to create a prosperous city through choices and encounters with the gods of Olympus.

Olympus gods await you!
Story and Strategy in One! Gods’ Quest : The Shifters

Visual Novel Story
Meet Zeus, Apollo, Ares… and other gods of Olympus.
Create various relationships with the gods through stories big and small alike.
Choose a sad romance with a goddess or a lively friendship with gods.

Various Strategy Tactics
Become a lord and develop your city.
Construct various buildings like farms, barracks, temples, and recruit heroes and soldiers.
Conquer and expand your territory with various strategies.

Powerful Social Features
Meet and visit other players’ cities.
Form an alliance and trade with other players, or declare war and dominate them.
Strong social features connects players from across the globe.

Meet Mythical Heroes
Recruit and level up heroes from mythology.
Heroes will protect the city for you, or become the vanguard and bring you victory.
Heroes will be loyal and never betray you.

Various In-game Systems
Strategize through recon and battle formations, and move territory through high level skills and earthquakes.
Enjoy the game more thoroughly with various game skills and environmental factors.

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Gods Quest user reviews :

Nice game..pretty amusing
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thanks!
So my first comment was to get the perk, but here is my actual no-lie review. I love this game. It is weird and funny, and though there are a few typos in the story, I cannot stop laughing at all of the hilarious jokes. This is easily one of the best games I have ever downloaded. Keep up the awesome work Nikeagames!!!! P.S I love how you answer every single review. This is the mark of a truly great game developer.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for the compliments!
fun to play and very addicting
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for the review!
This is a great game! My only issue is… well … I don’t see why the devs had to take down the old game and re-release the game with some new features. Why not just make an update, so we can keep our old stuff too??
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • We could not afford to maintain both games at the same time due to the structural differences. So we made Gods’ Quest with the re-designed structure that resembles Three Kingdoms’. Thank you for your review! We will do our best to further improve Gods’ Quest.
Never mind others..story is backbone to this game.. Pretty well designed.. And yet some parts are really confusing..(heroes and units) But its manageable as u go on playing..boverall great game.. Hoping for more good contents and events.. Will be playing on..
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you very much for your review.
Decent game so far, interested to see how it pans out, still very early game but the waiting times aren’t too bad and it doesn’t seem pay to win
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for the review!
it’s honestly not a bad game, however, lack of information and tutorial is why I rated it a 4 star game instead of a 5 star.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thanks for your review!
It’s ok all thats really been done in reality is combining 2 games fixing some bugs and replacing them with others, contents the same as orpheus pretty much, I’ll keep playing it in hopes it improves and gets better but expectations are low and the community speaks for itself on issues. It’s pretty much a reskin all i have to say really is you tried something it failed to an extent now what are you going to do to rectify it? I hope you start listening to the community it would help you a lot if the issues that are current are resolved, but i guess goodluck improving the review will change again in time just keep trying and don’t try to do too much of a change keep it manageable and see responses before making changes. Good luck and hope you use the potential the game has to actually be a good game that’s reskinned but reskinned right. I never mentioned anything about you “discrimating against other countries” all i did was give suggestions and said the community speaks for itself being if theres an issue it’s brought up or dealt with in the community at times.
  • Nikeagames Co., Ltd
  • Thank you for your review and suggestions for God Wars! We will do our best to improve God Wars with the wonderful suggestions you have given us. We will do our best to perfect our games and live up to your expectations

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