Grim Defender – The dark army does not sleep

[Game] Grim Defender – Castle Defense

Grim Defender Defender! Are you ready to defend your castle? In this fast paced castle defense game you requires strategy and skill. Endless hours of action await you! Upgrade and grow your castle, defend against endless waves of monsters, gather resources, improve your defense, equip and combine dozens of crossbows, spells, traps, modules and legendaries to grow stronger and stronger.

The dark army does not sleep and is preparing attack after attack. Defend, fight back and kill the dark hordes – send the monsters back to the dungeon where they came from.

Controls are simple: tap and hold the screen to shoot with your crossbows, drag and drop spells on monsters and strategically position traps. Grow your income and use gold, rubies and darkgold that you collect from monsters to create the best weapon combination. Grim Defender is praised for its diversity, endless equipment combinations, depth and fun gameplay. Enjoy huge action loaded battles with hundreds of enemies on the battlefield.

Endless levels, tons of upgrades, items, legendaries and infinite combinations

Challenging gameplay through endless levels and different game modes. Craft and customize your defense as you like. Non-linear defense and upgrade setup, hundreds of viable builds. Freely combine items to build the best defense, place explosives, lightning or stasis traps to destroy your enemies or use a cool strategy and maze up using palisades. Use fire, ice, lightning or pushback spells as well as powerful crossbows combined with modules to stop the dark monsters. Upgrade your bow to shoot stronger arrows, improve your modules to deal more damage, use multishot or have splintershot. Upgrade your castle wall, buy more defense turrets and magic towers or add an automatic turret to your castle! Choose active play to grind resources in endless mode or use the auto turret to idle grind money.

Lots of unique enemies, crazy monsters and bosses

Fight your way from easy zombies and skeletons to cannons, palisades and powerful epic boss monsters – can you defeat the strongest of dragons? Kill all bosses and become a legendary defender!

Dailies, quests and global leaderboards with other players

See how other players defend their castle and compete in global leaderboards. Participate in the season system: a fresh leaderboard is started every few month to create a fair competition with thousands of other defenders. Play dailies and quests to collect huge bonuses and get ahead of the competition. Reach the highest rank and have the highest level of all players with the best strategy and grow to be a tactical mastermind.

Offline play

Grim Defender does not require an internet connection to be played – play offline from anywhere and whenever you want.

Frequent updates and new content

Grim Defender is free to play and we are working hard to improve our game even more. Let us know what you think!

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We love defense games and made this game with a lot of passion and focus on details. We really hope that you enjoy our work!


Grim Defender user reviews :

For what it is, I can’t fault it. EDIT: This just lost a * because I’m 200 levels in and I only now found out that fire spell and ice trap CANCEL EACH OTHER! The game forces us to pick both via it’s tutorial, so I’ve spent all this time levelling them for nought! Also, I still don’t know what the modules do, so the lack of info really hurts players. I’ll likely uninstall this anyway because levels seem infinite, so it’s not a game I can ever “beat”.

I’m giving this game a four because five would be perfect and while the games is addictive and fun it needs a little more to do on it besides just the stuff on it . Like you could put a versus mode that way you could challenge someone you know that’s also plays. Me and my wife both play it often and would be cool to battle her some how. And make dark gd a little less rare, and put more legenderies and bows.

  • Thanks for the great feedback. We were thinking about a versus mode… but it really is a lot of work and hard to implement. Greetings, the Grim Defender team

Really good game, but I feel like the Pushback spell is way too overpowered. Half the time your shooting enemies that you cant even really see because they have been pushed back of the screen and makes it a lot less fun. Maybe it needs to be nerfed? It takes a lot of the challenge out of the game and I hate using it, but its so powerful its hard not to use it

  • Hello Adam, not sure actually and sorry for the late reply. Sure, pushback combined with armor break is strong… but investing in other combinations like lightning plus fire also should work the same way. We spent a lot of time balancing this. Anyway, we will look into and try to improve further. Thank you and greetings, the Grim Defender team

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