Guardian Kingdoms – Use unique troops and heroes to destroy enemy castles

[Game] Guardian Kingdoms

Guardian KingdomsGuardian Kingdoms : Join millions of players across the globe as you build your kingdom, forge alliances, and wage war in this real-time strategy masterpiece!

Use unique troops and heroes to destroy enemy castles and steal their precious crystals! Prefer to go adventuring? Take down epic bosses and strengthen your kingdom’s defenses.

Welcome to the world of the Guardians!


Battle players around the world in real-time 3v3 battles
Join an alliance and fight for dominance in 20v20 Alliance Wars
Earn chests to recruit new heroes, strengthen your troops, and upgrade your Kingdom
Destroy enemy castles to earn trophies and upgrade materials
Hunt down bosses to strengthen your heroes and improve your rewards
Level up your army with upgrades in the Forge
Coordinate with friends to create new strategies for battle
Gather over 30 unique heroes to deploy with your troops
Climb the leaderboard to earn stronger heroes and better rewards

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Guardian Kingdoms user reviews :

The game is fun but it is heavily pay to win and the prices are insane. A regularly recurring deal is $124! You can get heroes through game play but at a ridiculously significant time disadvantage. Someone who spends thousands of dollars will beat you down with their 9* heroes. All the special events they put on are heavily geared towards spenders. At the time of this writing there is an event where you can get shards from chests awarded occasionally after a battle. The minimum reward needs 10 of them and you only get them from the rarer chests that take 2 to 8 hours to open… unless you spend. If you want to get any of the good rewards you are going to need to spend a lot of money. This game should be renamed Money Kingdom.

After playing for more than a year, my village s not collecting to my Google play account. I have attempted to email the help and support button with a plea for help and repeatedly did not get an answer.

something is wrong with the game, it took my money and i didnt get my gems, it closed my main account and had to start from the beginning, i cant believe it

I’ve just started this game and it looks like a fun game…. The RPG and strategy style combo is great… Though the sound quality is bit low, overall it’s a great game. Must try if you are a RPG or strategy lover.. Good job

Great game, only problem for me is I seem to have downloaded Brawl Smash (which is surprisingly a similar game to this game) and then I downloaded this game and am not able to join my friends as they have initially downloaded Guardian Kingdoms first. I have tried clearing cache and restarting but I still can’t seem to join up my friends. any fix?

Game sets a new standard for real time interaction with other players, mixing PvP and Cooperation together in a way that makes other games feel like old text based experiences Ideally, play this with friends! Edit – support is not replying to emails anymore, removing one star.

Fun and addictive game, I can’t stop playing!

Some bugs are there, but it’s a good game.

Pretty good so far

Cool game :D

Interesting game play, loading game problems is why I rated 3. I really dont understand why the games loads so strangely and extremely slow. Will update after further gameplay.

Quite an awesome game all around if I do say so myself, LOVE IT!

Game force closes everytime I look at my troops, makes it unplayable, fix please so I can progress

Its fun on any kind of day rain or shine pretty much same as most games but slightly different

I have a bug when I try to open chests. When I win a battle, the reward chest is invisible. And when I try to open it, there is no reward and the game freezes. I try to find some assistance to inform about the problem, but there is no option to find assistance.

The Mods and Devs are very responsive when an issue is addressed! This game deserves 5 stars because it has excellent replay ability, as well as superb social aspects. Very very Addictive and fun to play!

I love both the new and old versions! Both are fun in their own right.

It’s a fun game with more real-time interactions and coordination with your teammates then any other game I’ve played of its type.

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