Idle Arks – Exploring unknown civilizations

[Game] Idle Arks – Build at Sea

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Idle Arks  The worldwide flood was so massive and floodwaters cascaded through the towns and countries, bordering rivers and creeks… What can we do RIGHT NOW to save the world? Creating the ark, drifting at sea, saving other survivors, rebuilding cities, and exploring unknown civilizations! Sounds interesting right?

Click to build
Collect wood, floating bottles, treasure chests and other mystery construction materials through swimming

No internet connection is required
Single-handed game
Advanced 3D game programming: sliding to switch angle of view at will
Different weather background settings: snowy, thunder day/night, unexpected lightning, and sunny days
Automatically build the ark without long time waiting
Over 100 free construction materials and locations to unlock

In this game, we also added some fun RPG elements. If you like simulation and casual games, please don’t miss this game! YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST and BE A WONDERFUL SIMULATOR!

Don’t be shy to contact us, feel free to share your feedback and experience with us!


Idle Arks user reviews :

This is a fairly fun game personally. The problems are the ads and a few glitches. Thank God ads aren’t throughout the game as you play, but to collect anything decent now requires you to watch a ~30 second ad. To collect achievements, of which there are a lot, you need to watch an ad. In order to get rid of ads, you need to pay a ridiculous price of $18 USD. There is a relatively small glitch on the Roman themed boat with the water barrel. It floats. The bathtubs also hang off the edge.

It’s a fairly fun game, but it has some issues. Some of them are more of annoyances than anything. In Chapter 6, (I think) the propellers were placed sideways and in another chapter, everyone would climb the ladder from the opposite side of the block. My main gripe is that after a certain point (right before you can get the new animals), the Dagon levels are pay to win. You mathematically can’t kill all the enemies before they destroy their targets without buying Grandpa Dagon

It was doing fine but the newest update with the event was really annoying. The count down clock seemed to change how long until it started. So I thought it was starting at one time, then I checked later and it had jumped and was starting earlier. The mechanics of battling was weird and not explained. Then I thought the event was going to last two days but it’s disappeared now on the second day. How do I collect my prizes? You need a place to explain this stuff.

I’m halfway through level 7 and all my wood production went to 0. I’ve seen that many other people have experienced the same issue. Cannot progress anymore until this gets fixed. Don’t know if that will happen seeing as how I get no response from contacting the developer. Definitely would not recommend downloading this game until it actually works. (Latest update fixed it for now)

Never in my life have I had to watch a 30 second ad to collect an achievement. There’s 11 achievements that I can see. That’s bananas. I put in the time and effort to complete them and still have to watch 5 and a half minutes of ads?!? Since when did that make since… I wish I could zoom out more too. There should also be more variations and customizations.

(Added) In the Odyssey section, if you upgrade the trees one of them actually downgrades to produce less even though it’s the upgraded sprite and you use a lot of materials on it. Then they only gather from that one rubbish tree rather than the good ones. Very nice idle game, however it only works at 60Hz, so my 120Hz display, has to be turned down manually in the settings every time I want to play it. Not the worst thing in the world but hopefully this is an easy fix, then it’ll be 5 Stars!

So the game is pretty good for what it is. It’s just mind numbing game like alot of them and it doesn’t absolutely force you to watch ads but if you want wood at any good pace you will need to do it. That being it’s how they pay for the app so understandable. So all and all its decent game to fill in so parts of a boring day.

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