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[Game] Idle Bubbles Cannon

Idle Bubbles Cannon  Are you ready to play the most addictive idle game? Try Idle Bubbles Cannon, you will not be able to stop looking at this bubble shooter!

In this new shooting game, you will burst millions of bubbles and balls while you upgrade your weapons and match the colors. Get ready to challenge yourself or relax while you watch your cannons do the hard work, it is your choice!

Relax while you watch the colorful puzzles being solved and play on the go using just one finger
Or unleash powerful boosts to move quicker and challenge yourself to get more and more cash!


Log in to get your daily reward and start to target and smash the squares and circles
Begin at an easy level and boost your main cannon to increase its output
Upgrade its speed and get stars and gems to unlock additional cannons
Collect the cards to level up and evolve faster
Let your cannons work while you sit and relax!
And if you think you can do even better, prestige to reset the game and get even more valuable prizes!

Will you upgrade the speed of your cannons to move faster? Or will you focus on earning more stars to unlock the powerful boosters? Train your brain to calculate the angle of the balls and their rebound spots, use every strategy to blast all squares and circles!
Start solving a simple puzzle and make important decisions to grow and achieve higher levels, it is your turn to make the most out of this idle game. Transform your initial cannon into a powerful weapon!

With the gems and stars you will earn, you can collect unique boosters and reach higher ranks, upgrade your skills and create amazing combos:
Speed: make your cannons faster and multiply your number of shooting balls
Power: increase your strength and destroy whatever stands in your way
Additional cannons: build your own army by getting the red, blue, yellow and green cannons.
Multicolor cannon: one cannon to burst all bubbles no matter what their color is
Magic cards: fantastic power ups to become the best bubble shooter
Many more ways to boost and improve your tactics: powerful new balls, rail guns, spikes and airplanes

Progress while you watch your cannons destroy waves of bubbles and collect tons of rewards. You can let it run and simply watch the gameplay while you attend your boring class or meeting, the satisfying visuals and combo effects will get you hooked from the very first minute.
Reap the rewards and continue the adventure, the battle does not stop! If you are a fan of casual idle games you will love Idle Bubbles Cannon.


Challenging or relaxing game modes
Great time killer, easy to play clicker game
Color puzzles and amazing effects
Satisfying gameplay with colorful bubbles, squares and circles
Bubble shooting and cannon boosters
Hundreds of levels available
Gems, stars and rewards to get powerful balls
Casual arcade style graphics
Prestige feature to double the fun!

Download Idle Bubbles Cannon, the casual shooting game that will make the time fly by and become a legend of idle gaming. Embrace the challenge, start shooting bubbles and blast your way to victory!

Idle Bubbles Cannon user reviews :

Fun. As its a shooting galllery game for sure. This game is avaiable in ads. 3/5.

Really nice app, adds arent common as in other indie games (I mean 2 minutes of ads and 30 sec gameplay) overall really nive game to occupy your time

I’m being constantly bombarded with ad offers (which, granted, I can refuse), but it’s a constant barrage of blocks that require you to watch an ad or wait a few seconds to progress. There is an expensive “no ads” purchase available, but at this point that’s like paying to not be annoyed every 10 seconds

If you love watching ads this game is for you. 80+% of your time spent “playing” this game will be watching ads. Progress is directly tied to it. When there are no ads currently available, progress will come to a halt. It’s a fun game when you get to upgrade and play, there just isn’t nearly enough of that.

The bottom line with this game is you will not make progress without watching hundreds of ads and actively playing. Decent enough game otherwise, but it’s just way, WAY too many ads. I haven’t played in months and going to uninstall now. Only here because I saw an ad for this on a better game

A good game, it feels like it sometimes has one too many ads, but many are optional, good for killing time, well done

I like the idea the idea is fine but the ads for reward thing like I get around 2k per block destroid but ads are like 100m star reward so the you should not need to watch ads I apologize for being unclear An idea is if you watched a add in the last 5 mins you wont need to watch an add for more boosts like a temp add block feature sound good?
  • Pedro Navarro
  • We’re really sorry you’re not happy with our ads. We’ve tried to make them optional with a small reward for watching one. How would you like to see our ads run instead? If you can give us any feedback at suggest[at] it would really help us out!

I really enjoyed the game itself, it was satisfying but the reason I’m giving it a 4 star is because it keeps trying to get me to buy packs in game and will constantly ask me but overall it is a very fun game.

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