Idle Crusher – Start weak but grow powerful

[Game] Idle Crusher

Idle Crusher  Build up your grinders to crush materials!

Spend the money you earn on upgrading materials and unlocking new elements as you go!

Enjoy casual idle fun with Idle Crusher!

Spend the materials you grind up in the furnace to unlock the power of your grinders. Upgrade your grinders from the softest material all the way to diamond. You’ll start weak but grow powerful in this incremental game!

Idle Incremental Gameplay
Unlock – Upgrade both your materials and your grinders.
Discover – Over 50 elements to unlock.
No forced ads – Optional ads that don’t force you to watch them.
Free to Play – Earn gems by grinding materials. Stronger materials are worth more!
Earn while offline – Your grinders will keep working while you’re offline, earning you cash and materials to spend!

Join the discord and win free prizes in regular giveaways!

Play now for free!

Idle Crusher user reviews :

Fun game with optional adds. It’s hard to find a good mobile game that doesn’t force you to watch adds just to play the game. And this game does exactly what is advertised. it gets hard to move forward eventually but so did cookie clicker and it’s a beloved game. Give this a try, it’s fun.

DO NOT BUY THE PERMANENT IAP they will fully reset after a couple of prestiges. I thought it was strange I was watching an ad for the 500 gems and noticed my x2 and x4 boosts were also removed. I’m trying to help others and have never seen IAP reset on a mobile game before and there is no restore purchases option
  • WaffleStack Studio LLC
  • There’s a support button in the settings, permanent iap shouldn’t disappear. Use the button to send an email

Good game, only reason its not a five star is this bug ive been encountering. I open the game up, and it sits on tge loading screen forever, only way to fix it ive found is uninstalling then reinstalling

Good Game, no ads unless you want to get a few extra gems or boost your production. Overall the game play is nice for anyone wanting to relax and enjoy a game.

Awesome time killer, no obtrusive ads, fun game cycle, all around good idle game!

I love me some idle games but this is… well, boring. The dev is iterating fairly quickly but there are still some glaring problems like: progression feels slow, game play loop is too simplistic, and while prestige has been introduced, I can’t tell what it actually does. Maybe I’ll revisit in a year or something but for now, meh.
  • WaffleStack Studio LLC
  • Noted. If you could, reach out to me at support[at] I’m working to make the prestige mechanic easier to understand, and I’d like your feedback on what I have so far.
Update per 23.10.2021: The “consent” page for Admob and Adflyer still exists when starting the game for the first time but it seems it no longer blocks the game when not giving in to the coercion. I am starting over now, hoping that such unpleasant surprises wont happen again. Not sure how a pihole blocks more than offline mode, and how a pihole lets any app with coerced “consent or i wont start” blockpage run while offline mode is not accepted.
  • WaffleStack Studio LLC
  • Edit2: Think I have it disabled. Email me, support[at] if you want to test it out. I ran on my pi-hole network and I didn’t see any analytics traffic.

When a game is fun to play and doesn’t force ads, then you have a perfect formula. I don’t understand why others don’t follow this idea or at least make ads worth watching with a worthwhile incentive.

Takes mindless grinding quite literally :D – Was fun for awhile, but I just spent 30 mins holding down the Damage and Money bonuses and I can’t spend my money fast enough. I’m making E42, I have E46 banked, and the costs are only E33-34 so even reaching a 1E04 multiplier spends less than I make. The regular upgrades take too long too, maybe do 1% or 10% per second increments or spend based on percent of money or something at higher levels.

I enjoy the game, a little bit tedious but over all it is a decent idle game

Another great game from these developers. I love the no forced ads approach that these devs are going with, I will definitely be getting some paid stuff just to help support game development because these people know how to make it fun without an ad bomb.

You know those super satisfying crusher games that are plagued with ads? This is similar to one of those, but without the plague of ads! Purely optional, with a permanent ad removal purchase available! Freaking love this.

a little slow in the beginning but absolutely no forced ads so far and I’m loving it purely because there are no forced ads, I’d love to see them make more games so long as they don’t ram ads down throats.

very understandable and satisfying. no forced ads whatsoever, and quite addicting.

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