iLocker – Lock your apps with a password or passcode

[App] iLocker Vault & Secure Files & App Lock

iLocker  iLocker Vault & Secure Files & App Lock with AES 256-bit military encryption

Integrated voice dictation recorder
Integrated Applocker: Lock your apps with a password or passcode
Deep Detective™ protection module detects unknown attacks, even within the notes vault
Organization and sorting of notes
Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 3.000,000 users in 123 countries

This app uses Accessibility services.

Write notes with the highest level of safety
The new iLocker™ Vault app for Android, makes it easy and implements the highest level of security to write private notes, and even record voice memos.

All personal notes are automatically encrypted, can be organized, and assigned to individual categories. In this way, the importance of a written note can also be quickly captured in color.

Safe dictation machine: Record important moments
The integrated dictation machine is the ideal companion to record important moments securely. It can be used as a regular voice recorder to record voice memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, and more.

The minimalistic design allows easy usability and offers a high-quality recording experience.

In case of emergency: self-destruction
Even in an emergency, your private notes and voice recordings are safe. If the Android smartphone gets lost or stolen, all data will be automatically destroyed after five invalid password attempts.

This not only deletes the data but also securely erase the entire note safe with certified deletion algorithms. The extinguishing technologies for this feature comes from the award-winning and popular iShredder™.

AppLocker: Lock Apps with Fingerprint, PIN or Passcode
Choose what apps you want to protect. AppLocker can lock all kinds of apps, like Photo Gallery, Contacts, Settings, Webbrowser, Social Media apps, messaging apps, and more.

A smart hacker protection: Deep Detective™
In 2016, with Deep Detective™, we had created an intelligent detective, who monitors all access – similar to a firewall – only much smarter.

The Deep Detective™ protection module permanently controls which app or process is currently accessing the encrypted data of your notes safe.

AES-256 bit Encryption
iLocker™ is a powerful encryption app that encrypts your notes using the 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. This encryption technology is one of the most impregnable available today and is used to encrypt top-secret government, industrial and military documents.

Guaranteed: No backdoors
The data is encrypted directly on the device, and symmetrical cryptography guarantees that only the user himself can access his notes. Without or forgotten password, the notes can no longer be accessed or the private data decrypted. Besides, the passcode is not stored on the device.

Protectstar™ guarantees that no backdoors or master passwords are hidden in iLocker™. For reasons of transparency, the symmetric encryption algorithm used is provided as a download for your analysis.


Write private Notes with the highest level of safety

Integrated voice (dictation) recorder
Notes and Voice memos are encrypted with AES-256 bit
AppLocker: Lock your apps
Organization and sorting of notes
The importance of a written note can also be quickly captured in color
In case of emergency: self-destruction after five invalid password attempts
Guaranteed no backdoors or master passwords! Open Source code of the symmetric encryption algorithm provided as a download
PREMIUM: Deep Detective™ protection module detects unknown attacks, even within the notes vault
PREMIUM: Extended Hacker Protection with Intruder Selfie feature
PREMIUM: Store unlimited Notes and Voice Memos
PREMIUM: Save your Credit Cards

iLocker user reviews :

It looks good definitely need I would really like the ability to choose where folders are kept AKA SD card I can’t even find out where I’ve put these folders or files and once in shouldn’t I be able to view it photos videos music documents if I put in the password

This is okay, but maybe too strict. Whenever I try to do certain things in certain apps, the iLocker screen will pop up. Also the iLocker is broken in Samsung Dex as it somehow automatically disabled and I have to turn it back on. Other than that, the app works great and it locks apps.

Nice security features, but lacking as a good notepad. No option to toggle the lines on or off, images attached to notes are nothing more than a tiny thumbnail at the bottom of the page, no option for bold or italic text, and pretty much zero in the way of categorizing your notes. Also, problems with the Dropbox backup function. But if you experience any problems and the devs can’t figure it out, it just gets ignored. This could be a lot better, I really hope the devs sort it out.
  • Protectstar Inc.
  • Dear User, really appreciate your suggestion. We will consider it and improve our app in the new version which is coming really soon with many amazing features.
A very worthwhile program. Keeps your notes secure. Very easy to use. The upgrade has a feature that will keep hackers out. Upgrade price is very reasonable. I had a small problem with it, of my own making. Clicked on support, and within minutes had the solution in my inbox. Not many companies today will give that quick of response. I like this program and think anyone who needs a secure place to keep things will like it as well.
  • Protectstar Inc.
  • Thank you very much indeed Donald!

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