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[Game] Junkyard Keeper

Junkyard KeeperRun your legendary junkyard and keep finding treasures!

Drive your collecting truck and clean up the different kinds of garbage in the huge junkyard: steel garbage, food scraps and more! Transport the garbage back to your base, recycle it and turn it into money! Meanwhile, you’ll be scouring the junkyard for the hidden treasures and even parts to assemble new & power vehicles!

Keep unlocking new upgrades for your vehicles. Spend money to upgrade your truck, improve the capacity, moving speed, and even evolve your vehicle to next level and become bigger and more efficient!

Reasons you’ll love Junkyard Keeper:

Exquisite, smooth and enjoyable gameplay
Super satisfying physics
Excellent graphics and animation make you relaxing
Unlock different types of garbage and different junkyard locations
Manage your junkyard and turn waste into treasure

Enjoy the simulation & arcade gameplay and keep upgrading unlock more garbage collectors such as vacuum trucks, grinders, and even helicopters!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Start your journey as a junkyard tycoon now!

Junkyard Keeper user reviews :

I love it, i can play this for hours, but ( nothing major) i have noticed a bug. When i upgraded capacity, when it says what i did in the middle of the screen, it wont go away. Now its stuck saying ” + capacity “. Other than that i love the game. Sure ads are annoying but it comes with the game. I love it.

Major bug! Softlocked on day 32 I literally just paid for the 9 bucks and the next level is completely bugged. Finished day 32 and the game crashed in the black screen so when I loaded back into the game I’m stuck in a map with %100 of the junk cleared out and nothing to do. The game it self is really relaxing (that’s why I paid 9 bucks for the “premium version”) if they’re is a way to fix it with a hot fix to ALWAYS have the “next day” tab to be open after you finish the level or something.

It’s a good time waster if you waiting in a doctor’s office or something. My only issue is how long it takes some of the junk to process, especially the food. Even after completing the other junk it can still take forever to wait for the food to finish. Devs, if you see this, increase the speed of the food processing by like…double so people aren’t just sitting and waiting. Also if someone buys the NO ADS pack, there should no longer be ANY ads for ANY reason. It’s bad to lie to your customer

I have a bit of a bone to pick with this game. It’s a fun game however, the ads within the upgrade system are intrusive and annoying. I have payed for the remove ads which obviously removes the random ads that pop up but these are forced on you also due to the fact you can’t continue upgrading unless you watch an ad for a free upgrade. Please remove this, I don’t want to watch ads. If you want a free upgrade for watching an ad, it should be an option, not an obligation.

I like the game but the glitches prevent you from being able to play. Currently, I’m stuck on day 76 for missing a part, there is no part, I have upgraded as much as I can, and I’ve been trying for 4 days thinking the part went over the fence, or it’s up in the air and I can’t see it on the screen, or for some reason, the glitch is that it’s just invisible. Also, my money dissipated on its own….

I’m not one to complain about ads but my goodness. The ads are FAR too often. Reduce the ads. And how come I can’t upgrade the metal and trash collectors. The wood collector is at max but I haven’t picked up any bolts for the other 2 in a whole bunch of levels. Fix that and the ads and I’ll give a higher rating because it’s a fun time killer.

I enjoy the game but way too many ads. So many adds that it’s causing my tablet to freeze up. Update I deleted it. The ads got to be too much. I would start the game and wouldn’t even get a chance to do anything and was looking at ads. The game also has some type of bugs that need to be fixed because I would be playing and all of a sudden it’s off and I have to reopen to play. That sucks because I enjoyed the game.

It was okay. I really liked it at first.. unlocking new junk to process and upgrading and unlocking new vehicles. Seems to have run out of upgrades though. Like on day 20. I played through day 30 and nothing new to unlock. Disappointing since I paid for ad free and only got to play a short time after that.

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