Kingdom Quest – The fun will never end as you become stronger

[Game] Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest  Diverse and unique Heroes

Over 90 different Heroes with their own characteristics are waiting for you. Come experience the extravagant Skills and charming 2D Graphics.

A Classic 3×3 Field and Strategy
Easy to pick up, but hard to master with a wealth of diverse strategic options! Various Heroes meet in the 3×3 field to strategically battle each other. Scout the enemy and devise your plan to claim the throne.

Abundant Content and fun leveling up
Make your Heroes stronger by Evolution, Awakening, Enhancing Skills and Equipment. Take advantage of Goblins and Griffin, and even ride on an Airship to explore Ruins. The fun will never end as you become stronger.

Light and refreshing Gameplay
It only takes a second to enter the exciting world of Kingdom Quest! If you are sick and tired of tiring, boring gameplay, come experience this world that is light as a feather and more refreshing than an Oasis.

Kingdom Quest user reviews :

if this game came out 5-6 years ago it could get a pass but not 2022.. nethier the graphics nor the rewards are worth the headache .. and there is no free x10 summon to start strong and as usual drop rate is boring AF with low rates .. the watch adds quest/events is 30min between each watch huh!? really u think i got time to come back every 30 min to watch an add like how ..who has the time ?? can u do that ?? bottom line its not generous enough to win / keep players interested

It’s not a bad game. However tedious grinding and sweeping levels are required to slowly power up heroes. Also the game needs balancing. How can a 3k team damage a 9k team? The weakness system needs explaining better. However afk rewards help and the game has a cute artstyle. I am sure it has a power creep at somepoint. SSR drop rates are very low. 5%? Common units are useless. SR Units are the standard. Also lots and lots of upgrading tedious amounts.

All right the energy system is really rough please either give us many times more energy to work with or please lower the energy it takes to complete missions I would like to play for several hours it’s hard to have fun with the game when you’re so limited in your play time fun should always come first don’t you think this game has so much potential please make a few tweaks to make the players enjoy it a little more maybe an 80/20 for SSR drop rates consistent would be nice anyway happy New Year

its too early for players to be grinding and waiting to lvl up @lvl25 i started feeling bored.. its like it will take me days to make a good progress.. add food in the store, for the tower the power gaps for every lvl should be close not from 20k or 30k then 40k…

This game is pay p2w it’s hard to star up your hero if your not going to spend money.. the reward is so little that’s make the game so boring, not balance stages…

this game is awesome! however, the use of energy requires a large amount. it will be even more great if in the future the amount of energy used can be reduced. good job!

Why is there a waiting time after watching the ad reward? I bought the no ad benefits and I expected to take all reward without the 30mins waiting time.. pls improve on it

It’s a pretty fun game. There is more to it than idle battling. Which is good as that gets boring fast.

Great game. tough draw rates. just gonna be playing for fun because without luck and ssr, pvp arena is gonna wipe the floor with your team

Been playing more than a week, the game has lots of things to do to keep you busy and exited, i hope to have a guild boss battle and guild change name in future updates

Very good, one of the best games in it’s genre. Wish it supported floating screen.

Fun game so far, heroes are done well, draws are a little stingy but overall a good game.

I like the game, but it is so hard to get an SSR character and I did have a lot of pulls, but mostly get SR. Most games I play when you buy will have an SSR with it, but this one gives SR. So I gave 4 stars

So far so good. Mainly just R characters in pulls but got an SSR and some SRs also. Seems easy to understand and play.

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