Knights of Fury – Explore the fantastical world of Astellan

[Game] Knights of Fury changed to Knighthood – Epic RPG Knights

Knights of Fury  Create your own character, explore the fantastical world of Astellan and customize your Knight with epic new gear. In this medieval chaos, your battle rage is your strongest weapon!

Power up your gauntlet and earn the loyalty from your companions as you battle monsters and bosses become the foremost Knight in the world of Astellan.

As a new member of the ancient order of Rage Knights, you must help tame the chaos of the lands and progress through a series of trials to fully harness the power of your Gauntlet.

Knights of Fury tailors the RPG experience to your mobile device and lifestyle. Explore towns and dungeons, while engaging a world full of monsters in one-handed, gesture driven combat.

Create and grow your own unique Knight
Grow your legend through gesture driven, turn-based combat
Collect ancient heroes to fight at your side
Explore the world of Astellan to discover new challenges and lost treasures
Loot weapons and armour to customize your Knight

By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; Knights of Fury is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You must be connected to the Internet to access the game.

Knights of Fury user reviews :

I would’ve give it 5 stars but the energy bar is a big let down. That’s the most hated “feature” in any game.
  • Midoki Roleplaying Games
  • Hello there. Thank you for your interest in the game! Feedback received from our players is very important to us. Your message will be forwarded to our Game Development Team. If you want to make other suggestions, please do by submitting an in-game ticket from the Setting menu.

It is ok, I guess. I don’t really care for the characters to be drawn with rectangular shapes in 2020, like technology hasn’t advanced. But the only factor that made me uninstall it is that it is pretty slow paced for myself. You can’t increase the speed and even if you were able to do so, your next tap will make the hero attack again only after the animation of the previous attack.

Great game. The only issue is that it’s a bit slow on my phone, a Samsung A71. Maybe it would be useful to have an even lower graphics setting.

The only issue present in the game ( which is understandable since the developers need money to keep on updating the game ) is that free players whom are below level 35 will have a really hard time getting all the rewards from the event(s). If you search for an amazing gameplay and a really grindy game this is the one for you. I recommend it!
  • Midoki Roleplaying Games
  • Thanks so much for the support! We’re glad you like it. If you have any more detailed feedback, we’d love to have you join our community and share it. You can join our Facebook group or tap the social icon right on your campfire page.
No ads. Nice graphics. Promising game story but with bugs. Storyline incomplete. Chests randomness disappointing for poor items spent waiting 2 days. Heroes training irritating because limited to certain class type and level. Not enough heroes to do tasks. Lack of items to upgrade equipment due to randomness of chest. Suggest to split chest for equipment, heroes or rare, epic and beyond.
  • King
  • Thank you for passing on the feedback. Please contact us at so we can investigate your issue further.
My guild defeated the boss we had summoned and when i clicked on it to get my reward the game crashed. I waited for 5 minutes but nothing happenen so i closed the game. When i logged back in there was no reward. I was 4th on the damage list and i would like my reward. Please fix this. Game also has problems with the midnight quest reset.
  • King
  • Thanks for flagging this up. Please contact us through the in-game help so we can investigate your issue further.
Rated 5star as the game is really fun! But the game is need of improvement. No settings page, the game kills battery unlike any other games that I’ve played. Please fix daily quest, it randomly keep changing and resetting progress. Energy rate is quite slow, either fix that or add other game modes which requires no energy.
  • King
  • Thanks for flagging this. Please contact us at knightsragefeedback[at] so we can investigate your issue further.

Latest Update :

The Hero’s Challenge is here!

Journey across a special map with the featured Hero
Earn great rewards on the Challenge Track, including Hero Shards and Charms!
Introducing a new Unique Hero, the famous Queen Krita!
Grab your Gauntlets and get going!

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