Leps World 3 – Help him defeat the nasty trolls

[Game] Leps World 3

Leps World 3  Jump and run with Lep in this award-winning platformer through 220 exciting levels.

More than 250 million players to date can’t be wrong.

Lep’s World 3 is a classic platform game that combines old-school game play with modern playability.
It’s a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep and his friends are enjoying the sun. But suddenly dark clouds approach and lightning illuminates the sky. Evil trolls appear, who steal the elves’ gold and kidnap all the villagers. Lep is the only one who escapes.

Now it is Lep’s task alone to save his friends and family. Help him defeat the nasty trolls in this beautiful adventure. Jump and run through Lep’s World 3 and enjoy yourself on 5 terrific, wonderfully designed worlds with 220 levels.

Lep’s World 3 stands out with:

Wonderful high-resolution graphics
Easy, intuitive controls
220 levels
18 items and abilities
22 cunning opponents
5 challenging final enemies
4 different characters
Rankings for you and your friends
Multi-player on Facebook
Classic platform game style

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We hope you enjoy the game.
Have fun!! :)

Leps World 3 user reviews :

I enjoyed playing this game on the iPad, and so I downloaded the game on my new Chromebook as well. I love how each world has 20 levels, and I also love the levels with lots of cool features! Oh, and I really love the graphics, too. They’re awesome! Edit: I’m now on World 6-8, and these vertical levels seem to not scroll all the way, making the level nearly impossible. I’ve watched walkthroughs and their game seems to be working fine. Could you fix that?

This is an amazing game. I saw it was just like super mario. You can swim, throw and even fight the boss

It is a very interesting game. It all power jumpers works perfectly.

this game is very very very gorgeous i like it very very much you can play this game and enjoy your life it has been 2 years playing this game but i has not deleted thos game .now , think your self how nice is it the game . have a good day . and sure install this game and play there are leps world z , leps world 1 ,2,3 thanku

It is a good game. I updated it and in the update it say new levels addded but no new level has been added. Like this it has been updated many times but no new level has been added and still in every updated it shows same things. Really annoying.. I think new levels are invisible.

pretty good gameplay. i have noticed some descrepencies in the “jump” action. you can’t always repeat the same type jump which will cause loss of a life. certainly a good game to pass the time.

I love this game but there is sooo much ad and we can’t get free lives

I love this game too much No ads…..if you on your data and you lost game you can watch a video and get two lives……….. the best game

I gave only 1star because when we are going up one double jump come and then i tried but nothing happens and can’t go upat the hill and another thing also don’t think that i can’t play i can play but when i press to jump nothing happens at the short hill i can jump but at the top hill i can’t do jump with pressing also nothing happens discussing game

Best game ever!!! You must download it’s so much fun! better than lep world 2 I have unlock the pirate Colleen lep Angelina the Finn and super Sam and more characters I hate the wizard he is so hard to beat please download now!!!!!! If not you watch and I’m not Nabila I’m her daughter. She did not speak English my mum. I do!!!!

I love this game so much its so fun and addictive, but like in a good way. i have been playing.this.game for years and it never gets the old i recommend playing.this.game because you will never want to stop

Love this game. However recently the arrow buttons & pine come buttons are barely visible. I emailed tech support. Hoping to get it resolved without losing all my progress.

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