Look Up – Hate going to google for every tough word you face

[App] Look Up – A Pop Up Dictionary

Look UpLook Up : Are you a bibliophile & hate going to google for every tough word you face?
Or an ex- iOS user missing the nifty look up feature?

Welcome to Look up!
Your offline english pop up dictionary.

You can Search for word in 3 ways!

On copying a word
On Pressing lookup button after selecting the word (Android 6.0 and above)


Offline Wordnet Database with 0.22 Million Words and Phrases
Fast & Predictive searching
Sync to your drive! (can be disabled)
You can star the words you like to remember
Travel to the past swiftly with Recents
Add notes to words, so that you remember every word in the context you want to.
Translate definitions to 90+ languages
Dark mode for easy night time reading
App speaks the word for you
Material Design with gorgeous text
Word of the day, in app and as a notification
Use copy button for Lollipop or lower & Look up button in 6.0 plus (Copy button can be used too in 6.0

Look Up user reviews :

Developer efforts highly appreciated. However, app mostly works on browser like Chrome etc. Anywhere else “look up” option doesn’t pop up if a word is selected /highlighted. Copy option is not practical, as many a times long texts are copied not intended for word lookup. I like concept behind app because I am iPhone user and was looking same functionality in android OS.

great app, very productive

Copy the word, get the meaning. My user choice award goes to this app. The best dictionary app. Very useful. Saved me from many embarrassing moments. This app have the potential to become the best dictionary app ever. I don’t know about programming but this is what I was always thinking of when it comes to finding meaning of some text without leaving your screen or whatever you are doing.. Share with your friends too. Everyone will like it.

Good app for looking up words, and I like it that you can just highlight a word and get a definition, but it has some negative parts. The app CONSTANTLY asks you to review it until you just answer no instead of later, and even then it gives you notifications as reminders to give it: “an awesome review”. That was what pushed me to review it now. I also think that clippy and word of the day notifications should be optional. Good app, just needs improvements.
  • Sharma GauravFebruary 7, 2019
  • Hi, I will decrease the review notifications, but its to be triggered every 100 lookups. That takes a long time. Also word of the day and clippy are optional you can disable them in settings. But if you disable clippy android will kill the background service sooner or later.

This dictionary is very useful for the people who love to read on mobile phones. If you are annoyed by the process of minimizing the current app to open the dictionary, this apps helps you overcome it. It would be of great help if the app supported other regional languages. Showing the meaning of the word searched, in other languages would help a lot. Hope you guys consider working on it. Waiting for the update. Thank you!

Great app! exactly what i wanted. just a minor bug. At times lookup doesn’t showup after highlighting text. had to select/deselect multiple times for the look up option to appear, (breaks the immersion), other than that awsm app.

Excellent, but sometimes hit and miss. for example; I checked idiomatically and it just said “in an idiomatic manner”. which isnt that helpful  but great app. use it all the time. Thumbs up!

Just Wow! The best in class app. Meaning, synonyms, vocabulary builder(me starring the word), pronunciation – all so smooth. -can we have the action (star etc) bar upfront in the meaning–pop-up window instead of clicking a button. Will make actions frictional less. -what us the requirements for copy-to-meaning function?

This app is something I always dreamt of. Before the smartphone era, when I only read physical books i was annoyed with the fact that I have to open a dictionary and finding a meaning. being the lazy me, sometimes did not look for the meaning which meant I wasn’t improving my vocabulary. Later when I started reading ebooks, i googled the word or searched in the dictionary but changing apps use to break my link and Oh God! I wished even my phone had a pop-up dictionary just like an iphone and thought maybe google store has it. So little bit of surfing on the internet helped me find a few pop up dictionary apps But none of the app seem to work offline or as effective as this one. and then I found this app. AAAMAZING APP!Must have for Android Avid Reader

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