Miga Baby – Learn basic concepts about music

[Game] Miga Baby – Music For Toddlers

Miga Baby  New MIGA Baby Series,Exclusively Designed for Children Aged 1-4 Years,MIGA Music Games helps children understand and acquire knowledge about sounds in a step-by-step way

MIGA Music Games helps children understand and acquire knowledge about sounds in a step-by-step way, fosters their ability to concentrate, and enables them to learn basic concepts about music at an early stage of life. In the meantime, we have also conducted numerous experiments which show that MIGA Baby Series is also highly suitable for children with pervasive developmental disorders like autism, as it boosts their confidence in a fun and intriguing fashion.

Simplistic, intuitive games that can be independently operated by young children;

A variety of gaming methods;
Listening to and learning musical scales in gameplay;

Recommended for toddlers.

A friendly app for early childhood education that helps kids learn knowledge about sounds
Free of any third-party advertisements

We are committed to bringing about the better gameplay experience to increase children’s perceptive knowledge about the world through stirring their curiosities in the game.


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Miga Baby user reviews :

Unlocked the entire app back in March. Now I’ve installed it on a new tablet for my kids, and it wants me to purchase it again. I’ve cleared Google Play cache and attempted to restore purchases in app to no avail. It’s cute, but not an additional $7 cute.

Love this app this app can teach you children to learn

I love the game and the other two are having a lot of problem with the game anyway I can get a good idea to have a good time with you and the rest thank you miga baby for making this game and I will love to be with you for a few minutes and I’ll be there in a bit to see if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be with my family and the other families and friends bye bye have a good Christmas and a happy new year I am sooooooo happy to see you

Make more new games and for free everything will be free maker type of games fashion type of games you make new games

This is the best app for kids my kids always play this this game plss make more apps like this dont listen to anyone who ses a bad review

I like this game, but please make some of it free.

It is nice and good for kids

My brother loves this game make more plz. Like if you agree

Nice game I love this game so much amazing

i like this game i wont more

I really love this game five stars

I love all the miga games they are amazing

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