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[Game] Miga Town – My World

Miga Town  MIga World is a new super application that allows you to build your own world and create a better story for yourself.

Look for hidden treasures, change your face from tens of billions of face elements, and try dress combinations as you wish!

This time, we have prepared a number of collections, including everything you may want!

To explore new cities is the beginning of creating your own world.

Latest plan

More locations, More characters, More pets, More sets of clothes and more accessories will be launched; the game will be updated every month, or launched more locations, so that you can create your own world!

Fully customized clothes, hairstyles and magic makeup allow you to customize your true self and create a story that belongs to you!

There are no rules and no scores in the game.

Apartment: You can come home anytime and invite a large group of good friends to dinner or a party.

Restaurant: Located at loft downstairs, the hidden chef can cook a variety of delicious foods.

Convenience Store: A 7*24 store, with a large number of goods to meet any needs of your daily life.

Toolroom: When you clean up your space, you can store your precious things in it!

Give full play to children’s creativity
No third-party advertising
No time limit or score ranking list
contact us:support[at]xihegame.com

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Miga Town user reviews :

I like the game but it is a picture with that blonde and with blue eyes girl you can change her. But you can’t and i wish that all of the stuff we’re unlocked instead of buying them…

I think it would be better if it didn’t cost money to unlock new places. Without the amazing places like the coffee shop or the salons it’s kinda boring and we don’t have much to do so miga please unlock all the other places :) Other then that it’s an amazing game just has a very small amount of space to play

Although everything isn’t free it’s still a great game to do roleplay you can collect items around the free places and decorate the apartments and do like a morning or evening routine rp.You can like go to the apartment park,dinner place supermarket,another apartment holiday place,and the like subway thingy which has a few shops so yeah it’s not bad at all I downloaded it because I don’t want to put Toca life world which has over 400Megabites download so I recommend Miga to everyone

It’s fun and cool but it would have been better if two more places are unlocked. I’ve played this since like ..last year and nothing’s changed that’s why I gave it 4 stars, but still it’s a nice app.

I really love this game but the reason why I gave a 4 star is that its not updated yet. and 5 more weeks or so and they update it which is good so I can make a role-playing movie that I really like a lot

I totally love this game but please add free places like the museum and more I would have given it 5 stars if it had some free places but overall is a good game thank you for the update but still if u added university doesn’t need money means we can’t play in it but ia a good game!!

I mean its good but like you need to pay for atleast everything and it wont show you how to edit your character or where your house is (if there is one) soo just 2 stars for me it just need a tutorial cuz this is stressing me out

This game is soooo much fun! total timekiller and good design. The new update is so cool! i love the expressions! best game,id love to give it more than 5 stars!

Very lovely to fake rp, it’s great even tho you start whit like only 3 or 4 areas but j already almost unlocked half :) very good game, no ads, no lags

Why I give it a 4 star its because there is locked places and you need to pay for them Like no one wants to pay Don’t get me wrong it is a super good and very fun game to play but we want some places to go to Thanks for understanding and this is a good game

I really love it SOO MUCH THERE IS MORE THEN 4 PLACES but the reason why i gave it 4 starts bc i want like a school place so can u add a school or like a college school and make it a free place thank u!

So i love this game other than of how much space on your phone it can take up somtimes, and i hate that sooooooo many places are locked i just hate it, and i also downlaoded a peppy game and on peppy games you can unlock for a little bit for FREE and i just wish it did that on here but other than those 2 things its pretty good!!

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