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[Game] My Mermaid Girlfriend – Anime Dating Sim

My Mermaid Girlfriend  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


You are a normal high school student who has a crush on a cute classmate, Isla. Knowing that she likes a guy who swims well, you decide to teach yourself at the beach to impress her. But you are caught in the waves and get dragged under. Just as you think you’re done for; someone appears and saves you.

As you open your eyes, you find out there are three girls arguing-Isla and another two girls. The two girls are clearly aren’t human; they have Killer Whale tail and jellyfish-like hat in their body. Surprised, you try to run away but Isla comes after you. But in the process, you both fall into the water and you see Isla turn into a mermaid!

“We are going to watch you… not to disclose our secret!”

Your normal life starts to roll dynamically with Isla’s sudden kiss…Now, can you imagine how will your story end like with these unique girls?

Isla is the only daughter of the Merfolk King and is a princess. She was sent ashore and has infiltrated human society as part of a project to learn more. She dislikes humans, but she acts politely in front of them because her father told her. She seems a little stressed out with this situation, and she only shows you true herself…

Find out more about her in My Mermaid girlfriend!

Pearl is a jellyfish and also Isla’s handmaid. She loves humans and is interested in anything of human origin. She’s especially obsessed with Jello. She enjoys being Isla’s handmaiden, but her clumsiness has caused a lot of accidents and she’s never been able to realize her full potential. She wants to prove herself to both Isla and the others by following Isla to the human world.

Find out more about her in My Mermaid girlfriend!

Delta is a killer whale and is Isla’s bodyguard. She usually plays it cool and comes off as mature. She’s a woman of few words, but when it comes to Isla, she easily loses her cool and panic. She’s very passionate about her role as Isla’s bodyguard, but as she begins spending time with everyone in the human world, she starts to rethink her life and roles…

Find out more about her in My Mermaid girlfriend!

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My Mermaid Girlfriend user reviews :

I loved it,for like the 22 minutes I got to play it,beacause,I always run out of tickets so I end up unistalling,cause without tickets you can’t continue the story,sadly,this is a problem with all of genius studio’s games,but I really did like the 22 minutes of play time

Thus far I played until I didn’t have enough free rubies to make the premium choice after Delta tackled me. I named my character “human” so it was funny when Isla addressed me as “human” at the very beginning when she was still posing as a human. I also think it’s strange that we are shown the visuals of the 3 characters while the player character is still unable to open his eyes on the beach, and that they alternate pronouns for addressing us, using “they”, “it”, and “he”.

Amazing! So much real life stuff that goes on today are in this game. I also believe people can change, you just have to give them the chance to change. I also love how I was also part mermaid! I chose, Pearl, because she is optimistic like me and sees the good and all. She also tries her best to prove herself and I admire that. Thank you for such an amazing game!

This was a great game and I loved every bit of it. Admittedly my favorite was delta, I loved her behavior at times and I love how her sense of self develops over time. I also love isla and pearl too. All 3 were great and I hope the next game will have another amazing set of girls like the past few games from genius inc. Including this one. Thank you for another wonderful game. I look forward to playing the next one

The game is super addictive…I really like the story but… I hope there’s a part 2 in this game. It is not complete yet… They still didn’t fix the problem of the meirfolks teretories^_^ getting even smaller. But overall a great game I will continue supporting you all and give feedback to every game I finishes..

Okay, perfect Five. Soooo cute! Great ending. At least for Pearl. I loved it! This was, by far, the best dating game I’ve ever finished! Possibly even played! Great graphics, great humor, great plot. Won’t lie, *SPOILER* hearing Pearl call Clyde a bastard was unexpected, but definitely a welcome surprise. Back then, he did deserve it. I normally don’t leave reviews on games, but this was just too great not to. I’m impressed by everything about it. There is nothing that could make this better.

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