Oath of peak – Form an invincible team

[Game] Oath of peak – Open world

Oath of peak Dance at the Peak like a Spirit

Do you want to wear Spirits’ outfits from Date A Live in game? The Crossover event will fulfill your wish! The Limited outfis from Date A Live are only available during the crossover event. Don’t miss out!

Amazing crossover events full of fun
Login gifts, Surprise blind-box, Wisdom test… Various events with numerours free rewards are waiting for you every day. Join the events to get more!

Time-limited Packs Full of Bonus
Time-limited crossover packs are on sale. Get the limited Mount Zadkiel by joining the special lottery event! Lot of rewards are ready for you! Come to check it out!

Spirit Beast Grow up together
Qilin, Zhulong, Baize, Qiongqi…almost every spirit beasts in this fantasy world can be sealed. After that, raising, training, even breeding are all available. Spirit beasts will grow stronger by fighting by your side!

Exploring miracles Treasure in cave
Welcome to the Demon Vault! This is a challenging instance with countless treasures. In each event, the vault will have corresponding theme. So don’t worry, you will never feel boring!

Play with friends Fight for throne
We provides a wealth of multi-player and single-player instance to explore. Gather your trustworthy teammates to have thrilling fights against your hostile guild or to challenge formidable monsters together. Form an invincible team and conquer the land! Fight with them for honor and glory!
Now is the time! Let‘s head to the peak! Find our communities in:

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/Oath-of-Peak-100377179459690
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/OathOfPeak/

Oath of peak user reviews :

Just started this game and besides the clunky fight mechanics it is really nice. The main reason I was drawn to it was the customization I feel like that should be expanded on like separating face shapes from eyes. Or making it so you can customize face shapes and distance between eyes etc. Or different hair pieces and accessories. I fell in love with horns but theyd be attached to a hairstyle that doesnt go with the face. Great game so far, wish we had a lot more variety with customization.

The spirit breeding system isn’t very efficient yet; each pair should be able to breed more than once. It makes collecting a full appearance set for mythic spirits exceedingly difficult. There could be more of a wait time for each following breeding, as one idea, but there needs to be an easier way to obtain the appearances! Also, the heavy leaning towards being a pay-to-win game isn’t great either. In general, the grammar could be improved (which is fine because it’s the beta).

Pretty decent so far, much better than I was expecting. There are stumbles with translations, though. I love that you can move while attacking. Art and graphics are nice. The world feels alive, but a little empty. Not enough trees, brush, endemic life, etc. Bright colors and the story, albeit stale, keeps me reading most of the text. But…the voice acting could use work. Pretty solid for what it is, I would combine some of the systems to make it more streamline. It’s a little much upfront.

I mean it’s alright. It’s a clear ripoff of other games but the artstyle is actually very nice. There’s still a lot of glitches in the game and probably should have been released later after some serious playtesting. [EDIT AFTER PLAYING FOR A WHILE] Audio will clip out during cutscenes…it’s just dead silent most times. This game had a lot of promise but unfortunately there’s so much on the screen I don’t know what to focus on.

I’ve been enjoying this game up until recently the new update has caused issues with the picture and the loading, the game won’t even load for me to play anymore I don’t know what’s going on, and then the picture is all messed up like it’s not loading all the way like some of the imagery will be all black or pink or green. Or option buttons will be white squares.. pretty frustrating..

The overall art style is quite nice and i’m sure that there’s a lot of game to play through…but (and there’s always a ‘but’) having everything go full auto takes away from any exploration that you might want to do. I thought that by having the ‘open world’ monicker, you’d get to experience an open world but, so far, everything has been scripted. You follow the path the game has set for you. Which is a shame because OoP appears to just be another full auto ‘rpg’ games, of which there are many.

Awesome game, each character has 3 types of skill tree and game play. But needs more improvement on implementation, quick switch on all 3 types, icon that specifies your current skill tree or game play. Most player expect that when you hold a sword, your a tank or when your a wand, your a healer and ect.

The cutscenes sometimes has no audio and it cuts off mid sentence. Game has good potential if it stays as a free to play.

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