Planet Ascend – Protecting the human fleet

[Game] Planet Ascend – Space Battle

Planet AscendIn planet ascend: space battle you are the pilot of a space fighter protecting the human fleet.

Rebel and rogue fighters are on the prowl in galaxies near you and it is your job to protect your friends and hunt them down in fierce space dogfights.

By upgrading your ship and crafting legendary equipment you become stronger to face the most dangerous enemies in the galaxy. Purchasing new ships allows you more control of the type of fighter you want to build.

Loot the destroyed ships of the enemy for materials to keep upgrading until you truly ascend the fleet.

3 Classes of space fighters and bombers
Purchase new spaceships with various specialties such as damage and destruction, speed and agility or protection.

A story driven singleplayer campaign with multiple missions
Various challenging missions in which rebels and rogue fighters try to get a hold of your resources. An ever changing dynamic enemy with increasing difficulty pushing you to the limits of your skills and ship power.

Crafting recipes for four categories of items
Using salvaged materials to craft the most powerful legendary items such as weapons, aiming systems, thrusters or shield upgrades.

Multiple galaxies to fight in with beautiful 3D graphics
Handcrafted stylized galaxy maps with challenging obstacles where between fights you can see the beauty of space.

We need a space fighter pilot with nerves of steel, excellent abilities and a plan for the future to let mankind truly ascend their home planet.

Planet Ascend user reviews :

Great graphics with a nice cell shaded look. Controls are fine but very basic (just steer on the left, shoot and boost on the right). The problem is the gameplay itself. Missions are extremely repetitive. There are only three ships to choose from. There are no missiles or special moves to make the combat interesting. I’m hoping the devs will bring more with future updates! All together worth checking out if you’re looking for a space dogfighting game.

  • Hello R.H. Thanks ever so much for responding to our game! We are working at the moment on integrating multiple different types of missions (protect a payload, gather materials, race from A to B). Sadly with a small team capacity we take a bit longer than the usual studio to get them in the game! In the next release we are adding three more ships!

Very nice gameplay and controls only lacking in content and variety (it would be really cool to have bosses with special loot drops), however a few bugs: skins dont work, speed upgrades dont work, gun upgrades dont do anything…

Had to reduce to 1 star as I have seen absolutely no changes to game. Still no level10 or higher. All levels are identical. Loadout screen still does nothing. Only way to quit is backing out of program. C’mon guys

Really cool gameplay and love the art style. I wish there was a better way to control speed, I kept crashing into enemies

very great, controls are simple and intuitive and the UI is very readable.

The Game experience would be better, if the controls would be in tilt options. Although, graphics are really good.

  • Hello Naeem, the suggestion for tilt controls is really cool. We are considering adding that to a future build for sure. For now we are focussing on making the controls a little simpler and easier for starting players. Is there anything we can do to improve the game experience a bit more?

This game still needs alot of work but other than that the gaming experience is incredible and graphic design is actually good and the controls it’s so hard to control in that game

  • Hello Sonaldo, thanks for the kind words! We are a super small studio working on these titles and there is a lot of stuff we are still getting into the new build. Have you tried out inverting the controls in the menu? Does that help you to control the game more easily? Let us know how we can improve it for you!

Just an opinion of mine I don’t really like the boost icon that much as starters would probably think that button is the button to move forward.Maybe change it to a fire icon like this?.other than that everything is great

  • Hey yoonus yoonus, thanks for your kind words! A new tutorial will certainly explain this a lot better to starting users! Any other things you can think of to improve?

Overall This game is good but i think the visual joystick controller is a bit hard for most peoples.

  • Hey Avy, Thanks for the feedback! Yea the joystick can be difficult to master, we are hoping to integrate a bunch of parameters which you can tweak on the digital joystick next update!

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