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Cutest Water Tracker and Drink Water Reminder With Adorable and Lively Plants

Plant Nanny is a customized water tracker and drink water reminder game to help you drink more water, keep up with your hydration needs and stay healthy! You will now never forget to drink water while collecting cute plants and solve your body’s water drinking problem – all with one app!


Monthly Hydration Challenge: Drink water daily to win rewards and surprise gift boxes. Complete the monthly challenge and stay motivated!

Subscription Plan: You can now subscribe to Plant Nanny’s premium version to access exclusive plants, personality reminders, and custom daily goals.

Drinking water is essential for life to prevent dehydration, skin problems and other health issues. Plant Nanny is a drink water reminder and hydration app that keeps track of how much water you drink and motivates you to drink water daily so you never face any of these problems!

Each glass of water you drink grows the cute plants in Plant Nanny so you can both thrive! Set a daily schedule so that you can collect, grow plants and take care of cute plants to get hydrated together!

Plant Nanny comes packed with a water counter to practice self-care. Make yourself healthier with our in-built drink water reminder and water tracker!

Suggestions to drink water to hydrate based on your body’s needs

Automated drink water reminders and alarms​ to fit your lifestyle when it’s time to drink more water!
Easily customize the volume of your water cup and set the units for each glass
Rewards for the water counter with missions to stay motivated

Simple charts and interfaces with water tracker hydration tracking

Graphics that progressively track your daily water intake and push you to hydrate yourself
Track your water consumption history and view daily, weekly, and monthly trends
Simple design and user-friendly interface, so you can easily build good habits

A variety of adorable and lively plants

Each glass or bottle of water you drink also waters the plants, so you can grow and thrive together!
Unlock and collect a variety of different plants, and even interact with mysterious new creatures!

We would be more than happy to answer any questions or suggestions!

Simply visit Plant Nanny > Menu > Settings > FAQ to quickly search for a solution! Tap the envelope icon in the top right corner to contact our “Garden Assistant” (customer service). :)

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Plant Nanny user reviews :

This app alone made me go from just 1 cup of coffee a day (being the soul intake of liquid) to 1 cup of coffee and 2 liters of water. So BIG thank you! After 1year and 4 months I decided to uninstall the app. I use something for my fasting periods and it has a water intake included option and rarely now use this. Thank you though for the help I got with this app in the past. I apreciate the work and the beauty of this app that the people put into it. It is worth installing for sure!

Better than other apps! I have gone through 2 before this one. I enjoy “real” plants so this is also a fun way to track my water. I do wish I could see exactly when I logged water as sometimes I forget if I have logged some. Overall it is a great app, my kids want this app once they get their own devices! If you are on the fence and aren’t sure, TRY THIS ONE FIRST!

Would be lovely if there was a night sky and sleepy plantsies during night time. (Either dempending on the current clock time of the area/phone, or around the time that’s set for sleeping.) That would also make the app darker and be easier on the eyes at night. And it would be pretty. And cute. And good for the plants because they need sleep too. :) Pretty please??

I truly enjoy using the Plant Nanny App. I’m currently using the free version as a way to remind myself to drink more water. And it help me keep track of my intake over time. I’m not sure if I’ll ever upgrade to the paid version. There are ads in the free version. They don’t take away from enjoying the app. Right now, the free version more than meets my needs. I think it is a great app and deserving of 5 stars.

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