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[Game] Pooking – Billiards City

Pooking  Relaxed Game of 8 Ball

Billiards City is a modern arcade style pool game with single player, If you love a relaxed game of 8 ball, this is the game for you!

With Billiards City, gameplay is king! Billiards City uses the latest technology to create the most exciting and realistic billiards simulator. Experience pool like never before, thanks to the stunning HD graphics, fantastic playability and ultra realistic ball physics. Challenge a variety of stylish new level of different ability from beginner right up to pro level. Hone your skills, improve your game and defeat the opposition to gain access to new city bars, win trophies and become the acclaimed Billiards City Champion!

Play BILLIARDS CITY and become mesmerised by our balls and decals, so join us please, and just have fun playing pool!!

Key Features
Amazing Single Player Mode
Powerful simulation with accurate ball physics
Realistic 3D ball animation
Touch control for moving the stick
Super smooth controls

Grab a cue and play now!

Pooking user reviews :

It’s about perseverance. And you really should aim for all combos. Don’t miss a pocket. I’m on stage 348. And all the tables that are not of normality will eventually lead you to better aiming and stop shots coming in handy too. As well as screw backs when there are multiple balls by the pockets. It’s an awesome game guys. Try it out. Tedious at first but once you proceed, your shots become easier and therefore a more enjoyable game. Remember team. It’s about perseverance. Goodluck!

This game is fun but instead of having leveles have a mode to make it as so you can original pool ball whit normal table layout

First I have to say that this is a fun game. The oddly shaped tables keeps it interesting. Second: like so many games, the game in the ads for Pooking, is NOT this game. The ads show incredibly polished billiards balls, with you looking from behind the white ball. This game has a top down view. Update 02-28, this was a great game, until they added ads. Now it’s like all the other games. Not my go to game anymore.

I really enjoy playing this game. It’s relaxing, challenging, and has a huge number of games as you work your way through. It gets more challenging as you progress, but not to the point that you can’t complete the game. As you progress, so does your skill level, so every game is enjoyable, as opposed to so many games, where the levels become impossible without purchasing aids.

The physics seems solid, though the effects of English a bit wonky at times or just not getting the expected effect. What is a pisser is that the ads showed a highly detailed worms eye view that looks authentic from shooters POV, and possibly a way to practice as once your stroke is consistent, just a matter of where you strike the object ball and what English is imparted to the cue. Anyhow mayge that feature comes later.

Good game, but it’s loaded to the point it’s unplayable. But that’s not why I uninstalled, check out the app permissions required! Everything from reading your storage, sending emails without your knowledge, reading your calendar and events and GPS location as well as full network access! And that’s not all. This is suppose to be a pool game, not a privacy issue for Google play store users!

I am at level 902 on this game. Just love it. And one other sweet thing, I changed phones and my level on the app came with me. Wow! Not many apps allow you to do that that I’ve seen, most make you start over unless signed in through Facebook. This game does not require that. And what’s even sweeter, the ads are super short, never come in the middle of a game.

I used to love this game because it was nice to sit here and just get lost in the game when I wanted to relax. I don’t know what happened, but the amount of ads and the fact that 9 out of 10 ads I cannot click out of makes me want to hurl my device across thre room. An ad on startup, an ad after finishing a level, an ad if you restart a level, if you go to the home screen, if you leave the app for two minutes. Ads, ads, ads. Ads on the bottom of the screen. I can’t any more. Uninstalling.

It’s very realistic you have to fumble around in the beginning to figure out things but so far I’m having a good time. Make sure you utilize the cue balls English it’s located right above the silver wheel right side and the switching of pool sticks is above the stroke slider. Get rid of the ad banner on the bottom and change up the music every once in awhile

I do enjoy playing this game, the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is occasionally it has tables that are downright irritating. I get the concept of increased difficulty, but sometimes it gets annoying. Bottom line, it is a very enjoyable game.

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