Prizefighters – Climb up the ranks in Career mode

[Game] Prizefighters

Prizefighters   Climb up the ranks in Career mode and become the greatest champion

Level up to unlock new skills and stat upgrades
Fully customize your appearance, ring, and even opponents
Interact with social features such as friends lists and private messaging
Compete for high scores in multiple arcade modes
Choose from different control options including virtual buttons and gamepad support
Recover your boxer at any time with Cloud Saves

Prizefighters user reviews :

One of the best “Punch-Out!” clones ever. The fact that this game is on mobile is hard to believe. It is a punch-out clone obviously but this game has unique qualities to it. Fun and entertaining for at least a few days. Why not 5 stars? Not an original idea and like I said its a punch-out clone and just because your default fighters have different names, it’s not hard to customize your fighters into punch-out characters.

Reminder, this game is trying to emulate the look/feel of Punch Out! with the added depth of stats and xp. Movements are slow to respond sometimes leading you to get hit or miss a dodge. Theres no indicator of their special moves coming. It doesn’t seem that when you dodge their special move, the counter punch does much or there’s any pause by the person. The special guage needs to move to the top, its too hard to see when its full and ready. This isn’t a TV. All this said, it’s still fun.

Well made game with retro feel. I love NES and this is a great game after 6 months easy. Character upgrade is nice and can make it fit to your fighting habits. I do wish there was a global chat to talk with other players. It could really make the game grow. Im still lower ranked but it seems tough to find online match fights. I play inbetween other games and have fun. Wish i could find more competition with pvp.

A very entertaining Punch-Out homage that brings back memories. I actually don’t mind the value of the PtW components as they’re not over priced and don’t have to diminish the joy of the game. The pay options actually give you more control of your career play by boosting you for some easy fights and gives you a chance in multiplayer. This is nostalgia based not greedy reruns and I enjoy it immensely.

Meh.. fun at first but you realize by the 10th fight that it’s a pay to play game. Upgrades to your fighter take forever. The increments by which you win prize money don’t go up as fast as your opponents evolve.. disappointing. Movements are also laggy at times. Has potential though.

It’s a very fun game only problem I have is that when you knock an opponent down they get back up with half health when they knock you down you get back up with a tiny bit more health. I can knock an opponent down 4 or 5 times over a thew rounds and they get back up with half health everytime and they only need to knock me down 3 times very easy cause when I get back up my health is bearly there. I think you should make it that it’s a lot harder to get there health down but when it is it stays.

Very fun game to play if you want to keep your hands busy or just play something like a Punch-Out style game. The amount of customization they allow you to have with your boxer makes each playing experience unique and works with a players play style rather than having to spend lots of money to get some rewards. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Good game for a boxing game. Brings back memories of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Which I did complete/finished. This game is what I thought Punch out should have been then with character customization, rpg. like elements (like leveling skills, “career mode”). “Even quests” to do to help raise funds faster to advance your character and other things faster. Again, Punch Out should have been like this.4/5 stars here from me. For nothing is perfect.

I’m GenX, so I appreciate a decent Punch-Out style boxing game. This game is well balanced, fun, and takes me back to the time when I’d spend bags of quarters in the arcade as a kid.

Definitely one of the good games! It has ads only when you want them, it has good gameplay, not to mention smooth! And online play. It’s the bomb!

I really like this game I got it only today and I am impressed this captures the core feeling of punch out without having to own the real system I also like all the things you can change about you fighter over all I give this game a 5 star review.

It was fun until later levels the more times you get stunned you lower max energy and got harder also it takes WAY to long to get coins and shouldn’t cost the same amount of money to upgrade everything even if you have no points in it

I love the game how you upgrade and make progress through the roster. And I love the graphics it reminds me of punch out. But the best things are also the worst its really hard to upgrade and your opponents get impossible after 12 in story.

This game great! I’ve got no complaints. Even the ads are nicely spaces apart! I love the way it handles, the leveling is great.

This game is pretty cool. Not to bad either. Not a money grabber either. Good game. Highly recommended if you like old school NES Punch Out boxing style games.

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