ProtonVPN – Protects your privacy by hiding your IP address

[App] ProtonVPN – Unlimited Free VPN made by ProtonMail

ProtonVPNProtonVPN is a free VPN service that does the following:

protects your privacy by hiding your IP address
lets you browse the web securely (even on public WiFi)
lets you visit blocked/censored websites

Proton VPN is developed by the same team of scientists who met at CERN and created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. We created Proton VPN to give journalists, activists, and everyday citizens unrestricted and secure access to the Internet.

Why Proton VPN?


Proton VPN is the ONLY free VPN service that has no privacy invading ads, no malware, no bandwidth limits, and does not secretly sell user data. The free service is funded by optional paid plans that come with more servers and more features.


Keep your browsing history private. As a Swiss VPN provider, we do not log user activity or share data with third parties. Our proxy servers enable anonymous browsing, protected by Swiss privacy laws.


ProtonVPN unblocks websites and unlocks content. Visit any site, stream any content, and download using any peer-to-peer (P2P) service. Use the Internet without censorship.


Our secure VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel (using the IKEv2 protocol), so your passwords and confidential data stay safe, even over public WiFi or compromised networks.


Unlike other VPN services, we provide full transparency so you know who is running the service. Whether it is challenging governments, educating the public, or training journalists, we are well known for fighting for privacy online and contributing to the open source community.

ProtonVPN Features


ProtonVPN has hundreds of servers located all around the world, accessible via a single click. All servers are on high speed 1 Gbit or 10 Gbit connections.


Regular VPN services can be compromised if their servers are under surveillance. ProtonVPN prevents this by first passing user traffic through our Secure Core network in privacy friendly countries like Switzerland and Iceland. Thus, even a compromised VPN endpoint server will not reveal your true IP address.


For security, ProtonVPN uses ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning that your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later, even if an encryption key gets compromised in the future.


ProtonVPN is a no logs VPN service. We do not track or record your internet activity, and therefore, cannot disclose this information to third parties.


ProtonVPN integrates with Tor. With a single click, you can route all your traffic through the Tor network and access Onion sites.

What the world is saying about ProtonVPN

It’s worth noting here that ProtonVPN’s free service doesn’t implement data limitations or other caps, as some providers do — VentureBeat

ProtonVPN looks to have an admirable goal of bringing an open, private internet to all.  — CNET

The service, developed by MIT and CERN, promises to route all traffic through privacy-friendly countries … a great option for those who are looking for a secure VPN option, developed by reputable people. –LifeHacker

Ready to secure your mobile Internet? Get ProtonVPN for free and stay protected with the best Android VPN.

ProtonVPN user reviews :

So far, very impressed with protonvpn as a free service. I can’t comment on paid service at this time. Would like to see more information in the app description in regards to its encryption type, average connection speeds, and characteristics that seperate this vpn from others. Also would like to see more advanced settings within the app itself, for example, scramble or obfuscation options, killswitch, TCP vs UDP. But overall the app seems to be on its way to a top tier VPN service.

Hard to trust anyone more than CERN scientists. The TOR servers are an awesome touch as well. Will upgrade to 5 stars once the app when the connection holds while switching networks (wifi/4G). Would also love to see ad-blocking built in like Nord and PIA someday.

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