Relax Vistas – Build your perfect sleeping mix

[App] Relax Vistas – Sleep & Meditation Sounds & Rain

Relax Vistas  Take your sleep to the next level level.

More than just sounds, Relax Vistas allows you to create calming audiovisual nature escapes on your mobile device to help with insomnia, anxiety or just to feel more relaxed.

Create a storm at the touch of a button. Just choose from a selection of beautiful, natural vistas and mix in elements you would like to see and hear, such as rain, thunder, wind, flocks of birds and many other effects.

Build your perfect sleeping mix from over 50 sounds including:

Natural elements: rains, storms, waterfalls, thunder
Animals: fireflies, insects, birds, whale song, cicadas
Melodies: flute, piano, chimes, surreal
White noise: fan, vacuum, hums & more

Watch beautifully crafted escapes or build your own personalised vista.

Whether you want to reduce your anxiety, reduce stress or manage a deep sleep every night, try out Relax Vistas for free.

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This app offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. You can disable the in-app purchasing functionality by adjusting your device settings.

A network connection is required to play. Data fees may apply if WiFi isn’t connected.


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Relax Vistas user reviews :

I Love the concept, the sounds n effects are wonderful. Given that even in my country this is a very affordable price and people need to make money to eat id say these guys are not greedy and have a good product. EDIT I purchased the app and am now even happier. I just wish it had a checkbox mode in create mode, to select what sounds can be used in random , the same as when playing a scene, but selecting custom sounds for random. Only other issue is play must have continues option.

This is a clever concept where the user can play with the features to be seen and heard as the scenes play through. Within the constraints of the fundamental concept of relaxation mood therapy of course. This makes for variety controlled by the user. Neat.

I enjoy the game alot, it’s great in fact. The only thing I dislike is how you need money to unlock other things. But at the same time, it is worth buying. Thanks for making such a wonderful game, ‘Foxie Ventures.’ You’re the best, keep up the awesome work!

it’s good, it was really relaxed using it. but. there’s premium and it takes over so much of it. I can understand they get their money from this sorta stuff and all but c’Mon, at least give us some more options

I was really surprised how the simple vector landscapes look so relaxing with a variety of animations, think the ability to pick so many different effects and sounds at once and the therapeutic design of this app is what makes it a good meditative experience for me.

Pretty cool idea…you can’t save any scenes you create. But I guess it’s the act of making them that they is calming in itself. Just wish there were more opts at the mid range…the premium cost is high.

it’s just a demo, not a full version, I understand you need the money to keep up with the game but it would be a lot better if you allowed your clients to have access to more stuff without having to pay for literally everything

t’s really cool love the sound effects but one thing that sucks is that you have to buy the other sound effects which is very expensive instead of earning them or watching a vid to get them but still very awesome love keep it up

This is very relaxing this is the best app for people who suffer from anxiety and depression and one more thing like about this app is you can create your own environment and the music and the other sound fit perfectly

Would have been amazing if there was a timer feature and background play… Having the screen turned on for the whole night really drains the phone’s battery…

I can hear environment, animals, birds, insects, River, ocean and wind sound. but I don’t see animals, birds and insect

The backgrounds have a nice style, and I really enjoy the “create” feature.

actually it was very relaxing and i loved but plz do a favour and unlock those locked ones.this thing disappears all the magic and relaxation for me

Even though my brother disturbe me i could still feel the relaxation of this app

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