Seven Hearts – Compete with a hero of seven classes

[Game] Seven Hearts

Seven Hearts  Boisterous Battle! Seven Hearts!

Team up with your heroes and fight against Undeads!

Play with your own strategy with a giant tank and a legendary heroes supporting your fast hand movements and your own strategy.

Only thrilling victory will always be with you!

Compete with a hero of seven classes
Build your own unit with seven types of heroes, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord!
The 300 special heroes who dream of winning with you are upgraded and strengthened through growth and reinforcement.

Give the best Weapon to the hero
Make the best equipment to deal with the enemies.
Once the collection is completed, there will be a special reward!

Get Tank for back up!
Support the team with the massive tank, each empowered with special abilities!
A diverse and unique tank will be the cornerstone for victory!

Battle with the guardian!
Summon a powerful guardian deity to achieve victory!

Prove yourself!
It is not just the story mode of the stage.
Real-time Rank PVP, Dungeon Battle, Boss Battle, and even Guild Raid with Guild members
Show off your own hero team and outstanding strategy in different contents!

Seven Hearts user reviews :

One of my favorite games for mobile, this version is streamlined for those who know how this game goes and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend for 2-d castle rpg sending units and customizing stats and gear-wise gameplay. It’s by far one of the top games of its genre. There’s a ton of grinding for units and gear, but you have so many rewards that it just feels like by doing anything, it’s worth your time. (Battling)

One of the best game ever, that you can play for hours. Lots of cute characters, lots of loot and bonuses, lots of things to do. You don’t have to spend any real money to be able to advance. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Good. It is the exact same game as 7 Guardians, same developer, same units and gameplay, same intro movie, same events, I dont get it. I think this version has more players from asia but i dont know.

1. It’s fascinating. 2. Too much work to do thought. 3. There’s tricky for heroes’ room. 4. Not enough for instructions

I love this game is so cool and mostly it’s so cool I like the boss but the boss is kind of a little hard but I love it please this is the most best game I’ve ever even played whoever make this is the most best person ever

Game has potential, but does appear to be a clone of another game and it is half translated and doesn’t have a thorough tutorial.

Tons of classes, with troops riding waves or parachuting into battle, Tanks running in popin dome shields. Lot of fun feels like running a full group in a mmo.

Surprised and impressed by what teh developers did with this game. Sleeper hit, kind of like Guardian Tales was last year.

Seven Hearts is a thrill and enjoyable with the characters and story. The only problem is that it fells like it is being rushed with the game itself overall it is fun

The arena sucks I can’t even raise my rank because my enemies has level 50 and above tank with 6stars fully awakening and above while I’m still at lowest rank with a level 13 tank with normal units.

the problem was indeed with the download. it didn’t download properly so I had to reinstall it. during download if it says to connect again. just don’t press ok! (cancel it instead). because otherwise it will skip the download file and then like me will be unable to play. we are forced to play with koreans….. why? they are already too strong

A very cute game…reminds me of age of war in y8…love the idle gameplay. Not much effort to input but still awesome output

Very clunky ui requiring multiple clicks for simple things

So far it’s a good game. Everything seems smooth and very rewarding. This game to me is very free to play.

I like the character design or and battle speed is good

Re-released on global but there’s alots of high level korean players in the game already, and they did not make new server for new players.

Was a fan of seven guardians but that game isn’t so great anymore, they removed all the good events. Now I am trying this one

Great game to play. Controls are easy to understand.

As a direct copy of Seven Guardians, this is heavily a PAY-TO-WIN game as well. PVP is broken and unbalanced. Expect to lose every single pvp game if you are a F2P player. Rewards are ok for the early stages of adventure, but as you go further more difficult stages it becomes a SLOW, REPETITIVE grind. The characters and creatures are good in terms of graphics though.

Goodgame ever. I really like it

Before i play it is this game offline when in story mode???

Login failed and crash many times

Pretty good so far

I think its good!I wish i’m not stuck in a loading screen

My old game in new version but same character

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