Shadows of Kurgansk – You need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery

[Game] Shadows of Kurgansk

Shadows of KurganskShadows of Kurgansk : Fight zombies, build asylums, find your way back home!

Shadows of Kurgansk is an adventure game, where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery. Your goal is to stay alive and find the way out, fighting monsters and completing story driven missions.
To stay alive you will need to hunt, gather supplies, build storage and asylums. You will be able to create tools, clothes and equipment. In due time your life will become quite comfortable, but the Zone is not exactly the best place to spend the rest of your time. You will need to find the way out. Even if you fail, remember – death is only the beginning. The beginning of a new journey!


Fight zombies and hunt wild animals
Create weapons and tools, build asylums
Avoid mysterious anomalies, gather artifacts and improve your own abilities
Don’t become insane with the anomalous fear that comes in the darkness
A huge world that dramatically changes with the coming of night

Shadows of Kurgansk user reviews :

There is a big game breaking bug that glitches it out completely when crafting a bow, when crafting a bow you will immediately equip it even tho it hasnt finished crafting, and when it reaches 100% progress it just gets stuck and you can’t do anything. I tried leaving the game and opening it again but when i do there a just a bunch of messages all over the screen that dont go away and make it impossible to use controls and have to delete the save to play again. Please check this out,great game.

I really love this game. It’s rare to find this kind of game in play store. It’s offline, open world, first person point of view, survival, rpg like, lots of quest, lots of crafting to do, it has 2 different maps which gives you 2 different saved game, and most of all it is very compatible on some average devices. Oh and you don’t actually have to pay for anything to progress in game. I mean you could buy stuff to have a greater chance of survival but you can craft your things and that’s really the point of the game.Plus your death doesn’t mean the end of the game. You RESPAWN. Cool eh. Now if you want to play with high graphics you can, and if your phone can’t you can always choose the lowest graphics which runs very smooth. I encountered zero bugs or glitches as of now. Thanks devs for making this game. I’ll hundred percent recommend this on everyone. Thumbs up. Your game doesn’t even need an update.

This game is absolutely impressive! I like this! but I have concerns for it, please fix the damage of zombies because they deal too much damage in plenty of hits and they can even deal damage from a large distance which is unfair. I observed that this masterpiece game needs a jump control for certain situations, new resources and equipment like guns, clothes, and etc. I Also want to suggest if you can do it, new design for buttons and a mini map on the top right corner which is easy to look for.

Dropped at the point, when had to build additional storage. I know, that this tiring storage micromanagement is a common thing in this type of games, still would suggest(optional and more expensive?) storage upgrades with several visual storage models, maybe. All the rest I saw was very good!

It’s hard for player without tutorial, how to make a fire, etc, camp etc.

All this is amazing

It’s a cool game great graphics great gameplay and very challenging but when are you guys releasing the update? It would help if you have maybe a page on facebook or anything maybe a website that gives us the latest news about the game and when an update will be released. And one more thing, is this game any different than abandoned?

Game is GREAT. Works awesome for a mobile survival. One problem I had was when a mutant or zombie appeared it would lag but then go back to normal. Other than that awesome game. Can’t wait for updates

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