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[App] Simple Shopping List

Simple Shopping List  Bored about long configuration for a simple shopping list?

This shopping list app only does exactly what it says:

Immediately ready to start
You don’t need to configure the market where you go to buy
You don’t need to not create an item database

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Simple Shopping List user reviews :

Lovely app, would be even better if a double tap was necessary to select or deselect items. All too easy to touch items accidentally. Then you have to guess what’s gone.

Simple but requires improvement, like Total costs and the ability to place the items in a specific order, according to the layout of a shop.

I’m editing this to reflect my earlier experience with this app, which was always OK until I got hit with a glitch in an update. I’ll put the rating back up to four stars. (I had started getting notices every few seconds that it was “synchronizing” to external lists. I deleted the app when I couldn’t stop the constant beeping. I understand that this was fixed promptly, but I’ve already gone back to paper.)
  • There was an additional update yesterday which removes this notification which got activated by accident.

Good app. Only complaint is that it’s way too easy to inadvertently unhighlight items (and vice-versa), so you end up not buying something you needed on that shopping trip. Wish list: 1) The ability to move items from one list to another. 2) The ability to import / export lists as a CSV file for upload / download to a PC or other device.

Looks like this app is starting to go the same way as the previous shopping list app that I used. The developers cannot resist changing things for the worse. The new interface is harder to read.The old one had a more obvious difference between purchased items and unpurchased. Also if an item was too long to fit on the display a smaller font was used so that it fitted. Now I cannot work out what “Chicken & Bacon, Cheese sa” is. (It’s sauce!”)
  • Edit: google translated it automatically and I did not see you wrote in english. We are sorry that you are not happy with the changes. As we are not able to see your device informations, could you please send use them to android-dev[at] so we can reproduce your issue? On our test devices it breaks the text in 2 lines as expected.

super easy, fast and furious. love it updated to v3.3. – not as simple. I think it was better before. You simply don’t need the added control location. it gets in the way.

I’ve used this app on every phone I’ve had. It does everything it needs to and nothing it doesn’t. Even easier using voice to text. Love it!

I’ve been using this simple shopping list for years and have always likeed the set up especially when the word correction pen is available. It’s easy to use.

I like this app because it is simple once you learn how to use it. I would appreciate like a lock mode on the open lists maybe a double tap instead. My fingers brush on entries and I lose them into the list….

what on earth has happened with the last update? Its so slow adding and removing items from the list. I have ended up with extra items at the top of the list as it was so slow I didn’t think my touch had been actioned

this was a good app, but what has happened with the last update? I now can’t see what I’m adding until I hit the save button, I feel like I’m typing blind and its very confusing!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It’s the most user friendly shopping app I’ve ever used. I’ve been using this app for 4years.

I really like this app! Clean and simple without all the clutter. I can make multiple list for what I need.

Good app. Update blocks bottom items from being edited or deleted. That’s my only frustration with it.

Great App and use it every day, BUT lately it has become extremely slow when you select Items? Please come with an update.

I like the amoled “like” theme, (most apps love to blind us, or want “brown” to be dark theme). I’d like screenshot protection, & pattern app lock (Other apps should not have access or view). I’ll give 5 stars if these requests ar met.

Works just the way it should. And a recent major update made it even better. Thank You!

One of the few mobile that understands you don’t have to be “all things to all people.” Simple should mean simple — and this app gets it. This is a simple scratchpad app that does nothing more than allow you to create a shopping list – one list for each shopping store, for example, and then check off items as you shop. Now, at the risk of introducing “feature creep”, I would like to have the ability re-order the items in a list. I may create my list with “bread, milk, cereal” in that order, but I know that when I get to the store, it will be more efficient to purchase “milk, cereal, bread” that order and I would like to re-order my list in advance. Please consider adding this re-ordering feature — but not at the risk of *simple*.

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