Solitaire Story – Wander in the Enchanted Woods

[Game] Solitaire Story

Solitaire StorySolitaire Story : A free solitare game with classic tri-peaks puzzles.

Wander in the Enchanted Woods, take a rest at the Dragon Falls, solve the secret puzzles at the Mystery Castle and the fairway along with many other surprising and exotic locations!

Choose your own choices, play with new fun cards in every episode.

If you’re familiar with golf, castle, freecell, spider, klondike or pyramid versions, you’ll definitely love this tripeaks game!

The evil witch is challenging you to play the most addictive card puzzle. She has a cursed deck with many trick cards, illusions and mystery!

Join Dex the Dragon to explore fantastic landscapes, discover magic cards, get the highest score and compete with friends through amazing levels of mystery!

Solitaire Story is FREE and has NO TIME LIMITS!

Experience addictive gameplay all along 860 levels – with more on the way!
Explore fantastic landscapes and magic cards!
Use powerful BOOSTERS to get through challenging levels!
Get unlimited CHARMS like Bonus Score, Max Life, Double Coins and more to speed up your game!
Crack free SURPRISE eggs to win rewards every day!
Compete with your FRIENDS on leaderboards at every level!

Test your tripeaks solitaire skills by playing with classic playing cards as well as many other trick cards, all with a different and exciting challenge. It’s extraordinarily addictive!

Clear the cards in numerical order to get all the witch cards and defeat the evil witch to continue your journey through a variety of levels and maps!

Make 5 move streaks to crack the dragon’s egg and win awesome bonuses like an extra Joker or extra Cards!

Supercharge your card game with a variety of Boosters and unlimited Charms to send your scores soaring. Enhance your tri peaks game experience in seconds!

From “Double Coins” to “Maximum Life”, you’ll have a blast using Charms to speed up your game!

Connect with Facebook to see your Solitaire Story friends so you can compete with them in the Leaderboard!

Help your friends by sending extra lives and moves and get bonus gifts in return! More friends means more progress!

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Solitaire Story user reviews :

loved the game but I’ve been waiting for new levels for months now and I fed up with playing my old levels nothing is happening. game keep saying new levels are coming soon. how many years have I got to wait. used to love it
  • GAMEGOSMay 29, 2019
  • Hi there, We are currently focused on bugfixes and performance improvements to ensure both new and veteran players can enjoy the game equally! Unfortunately we cannot disclose information on whether there will be new levels or not. Thank you for your understanding!

It is a good little game. The levels are challenging, but not impossible to beat. I can play for along time before running out of lives and have never purchased any boosters. Glad I downloaded it. No issues!

I love this game! I never give 5 stars as I like to think theres always room for improvement but I enjoy everything about this game. I’m way past lvl 100, I dont even pay attention because im so keen to move onto the nxt puzzle! its challenging and deff gets the mind thinking, never lags, good graphics, good bonuses etc. My only issue is none f my friends are playing it! lol good work guys!

Latest Update :

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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