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[Game] Space Gunner – Galaxy Shooter

Space GunnerSpace Gunner : Galaxy Alien Invader adds fresh elements to the classic vertical shoot’em up genre while still honoring nostalgic feeling of pixel retro arcade space shooting games.

In the next century, human kind encounters many alien species in the galaxy. To defend themselves against the new cosmic threats, Space Gunner Organization is founded and invested with the best hi-tech weapons. The Gunners will travel off-world, from outpost to outpost to eliminate any alien opposing forces.

Choose from the best heroes of the organization, equip the most powerful guns and fight for humanity!

List of Features

Galactic Campaign: explore a a wide variety of planets, moons, distant star systems
Unique Gunner: each hero possesses different bullet patterns and ultimate abilities for every play style.
Evolve System: empower the hero you like by evolving them to the next tier.
Cosmic Enemies: ranging from the weak creeps to the gigantic bosses with nightmare bullet attacks.
Easy in, easy out game play: fine-tuned level design for the busy people. Take a quick break by playing Space Gunner and free your mind.

What’s next?
We will regularly add new heroes, worlds, bosses in future updates. Stay tuned!

To all Space Gunners out there, humanity needs your help. Download now and show the aliens who’s the superior force!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at: day137studio[at]
Facebook: @spacegunner.retro

Space Gunner user reviews :

The concept and gameplay have real potential. But it still has a ways to go before it’s great. It lacks new content and it has many glitches. For instance I have noticed in the endless mode that on the level there will be and invisible wall that will appear on about 25% of the map about halfway up. This will stop my shots. It makes the mode annoying to play. I hope that they can continue to develop and improve what they have.
  • Day137 Global
  • Thank you John, we still continue update the game weekly. One map will be added per month. About the endless issue, we will find and fix it on next version. Thanks for your comment.
RE: I did update to the latest version. After the 1/8/20 update, the game is still stuck on the main menu screen. Cannot play campaign and endless, cannot get rewards, cannot go into any of the menus. It’s virtually stuck on the main menu and nothing works. Sorry for the 1 star rating. It’s a good game and I’ll change back to 5 stars when the issue is fixed. Android 9.0. Moto G6 Play.
  • Day137 Global
  • Hi Bryan, we sent your feedback to development team and they fixed it. Please update the latest version. Thank you so much for understanding.

This is a really good game to kill some time with. The concept and gameplay are really fun, and it’s a good spin on the copycat “Retro space shooter” games that are everywhere on here, because it has an interesting leveling up system and challenging bosses. I’m looking forward to seeing more updates to this game in the future.

I would like to give this a better review, but I’ve had issues with upgrading. It will not let me switch passives and I’m forced to only use the bomb provided at the beginning. As soon as I switch to another passive it automatically switches back. I’ve enjoyed everything else but this is frustrating.
  • Day137 Global
  • Dear Braden, only 1 active skill per Hero, you can not use the passive like active skill. Anw, thank you for play our game.

This is a really good shoot-’em-up game personally I don’t like shooting up games it’s a really good for what it is and especially on my phone. but sometimes it gets a little too complicated so I kind of installed

Nice, fun, fair and overall very promising. But the game needs more content in all departments. Looking forward to see the game grow and develop.

It is such a good game but there’s an issue with stage 3-3. the boss doesn’t appear and the character just keeps going forward forever. You have to fix this. Thanks!

Great game except when I got to level 3.10.9, i defeat the boss, but the gameplay never concludes. It’s an infinite running loop with no end in sight. I have not been able to proceed in the game because of this. Again I am really enjoying every aspect of this game. Best I’ve played in years. But i have beat that level many times and have not been rewarded for it once. (In points, ofcourse) lol

A really nice look here, and smooth gameplay. Very frantic and while there are a good amount of ads.. i mean theyre going to make money somehow. I didnt feel over exposed to ads, and they didnt obscure the screen during gameplay.

Latest Update :

The game’s last release, the game’s production team disbanded because of financial exhaustion.
Thank you for playing this game!

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