Spy Ninja Network – Find your way through the circuit

[Game] Spy Ninja Network – Chad & Vy


Join the SPY NINJA NETWORK to help Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint defeat Project Zorgo!

Play with 10 Spy Ninja tools, collect Ninja Gadgets to battle in Operation X, and collect Spy Ninja Badges to show off on the weekly Top Scores. Get clues, and receive calls from Chad & Vy through the app!

Answer Chad & Vy’s call and join them on a mission!

These mini-games help the fight against Project Zorgo!

*NEW* BLACK PYRAMID CLIMBER: Get the Spy Ninjas high up!
CIRCUIT DASH: Find your way through the circuit!
CYBER BLOCK: Fend off Hackers!
HACK PROJECT ZORGO: Build circuits to Zorgo computers!
DESTROY THE VIRUS: Blast Project Zorgo viruses!
MIND SHIELD: Train your Spy Ninja mind.
GADGET MASTER: Know your Spy Ninja gadgets.
HACKER MASK SMASH: Smash Hacker Masks!
ZORGO RUSH: Use the Spy Ball to collect intel!
SPY BALL BLAST: Blast Hackers with the right frequency.

Become a Spy Ninja and complete Chad & Vy’s Missions! Get special rewards!

Collect Ninja Gadgets and BATTLE in Operation X! Choose from the Katana, Nunchucks, Sai, Staff and more to battle. The further you go, the more you help Chad & Vy on YouTube!

Chad & Vy will be sending clues through the Spy Ninja Network so be on the lookout!

Collect 150+ Spy Ninja Badges and show them off on your Profile and on the weekly Top Spy Ninja Scores!

View the scores of the Top Spy Ninjas in the worldwide network each week, and all-time. Become the best Spy Ninja in the world!

More updates from Chad & Vy are on the way!

If you’re a true Spy Ninja then download the app and get on the Spy Ninja Network now – Chad & Vy are waiting for you to help take down Project Zorgo!


Spy Ninja Network user reviews :

My experience with this app is great, BUT, there are lots of bugs. I would rate this app five stars, but there is this one annoying bug that will not stop happening! So I have played this game a lot before, then I uninstall it just for like a month or two so I can clear out some space on m h tablet, but when I enter the app, I’m happy it pops up with load game option, i click it… then I have just about all mission things you can have unlocked, and I play destroy virus for a bit, then close…

Hey Chad and Vy I am a huge fan of your videos I have also been watching you since you’re very first video on YouTube. This game is so good because you get to meet Chad and Vy and they tell you about how to play the game and they also show you what belt you get there and different colored belts and you can get stickers. There are also missions that you can complete there are two types of missions there are Chad’s missions and Vys mission. This game is so good and everyone should download it.

the app is really nice it has allot off things to start with I don’t really know what its about cause my Kid plays the app every day since it first came out and my daughter said to right a review but I’ve seen the app and I think you should download it cause it has alot off cool features so thats all you should know

This game great! It has cool games to play and I have no glitchs so far. Also the way that when leveling up to a new belt it plays a short vid, WOW! Over all my expirence with this game is great. Five stars!

I love this app! It has become my new favourite game and I love the fact you move up different levels and get different belts and I get video messages for my Chad and Vy ( my favourite YouTubers)

I really liked this app.It is really fun helping chad and vy defeat the hackers.I am becoming a true spy ninja while playing this game.I love the spy ninjas and if you love the spy ninjas this game is really fun for you you get to go on missions to defeat the hackers and be helpful. I hope this review would help you understand some stuff about this game go check it out it is extremely fun.

It’s an amazing app. it does lag sometimes… but that’s fine. it’s fun you can memorize and practice your fast movements!

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