Starlit On Wheels – Welcome to the ride of your life

[Game] Starlit On Wheels – Super Kart

Starlit On WheelsStarlit On Wheels : Welcome to the ride of your life with the heroes from Starlit Adventures: Bo and Kikki!

Help Bo and Kikki on a thrilling chase to recover the stars that the villain Nuru has stolen to power his magical motor.

During this exciting journey you’ll confront breathtaking tracks and obstacles, and be challenged by enemies and creatures from the Starlit universe in championships full of fun and adventure. Along the way, you’ll drive remarkable cars with special powers. While you enjoy this journey to save your friends, you’ll upgrade your cars, collect rewards, assemble a trophy room and create your own tracks that other players can race and evaluate!


Race though 8 worlds totaling 128 tracks in story mode
Dispute online championships
Create your own tracks and share them online with other players
Win boss races
Assemble customized cars with unique characteristics
Fill your trophy room with your conquests
Discover the truth behind this mysterious race

And much more!!!

It’s time to accelerate!!!!

Starlit On Wheels is part of the Starlit franchise, with free-to-play puzzle and action games for all ages, available on mobile and console platforms. Fun is guaranteed with intelligent controls for the best possible experience, alongside the adorable characters of the Starlit universe.

Starlit On Wheels user reviews :

Super cute and it plays well, although the track editor is a bit difficult. The multiplayer options are really cool. I wish the cars had different abilities instead of only different stats, but that’s forgivable. What I really don’t like is how there are so many different kinds of in-game currency, and the more important ones like caps are not really explained. Lots of icons and numbers on the menus that I don’t understand. Racing is simple. Why is everything else so complex?

Amazing game! Lots of customization, multiplayer, trophies, custom tracks, single player. It’s great my only complaint and why I gave 4 stars is the movement when customizing tracks is a little odd and hard to control and I really wish u could choose where the start and finish line go. I built a track couldn’t move the finish line so had to erase a ton of stuff. fix those and it’s 5 stars, even the paid stuff is great, I love having $0.99 and $1.99 options for supporting devs and a starter pack!

This game is an awesome good game for all especially kart lovers there are so many characters and karts. It is sometimes annoying when you lose tokens in the game, still I give it five stars. Oh! And you can make your own tracks, the main thing is to collect other characters and beat this guy called Naru he is evil I think it is sometimes a little bit glitchy for me so can you fix that.

GREAT game, amazing quality and superb ways to play (as in being able to make your own track) but the reason I’m not putting 5 stars is because when I finish a match my screen goes black so I loose my xp I’m not sure if it is my device but it didn’t happen when I had it for a while (I still have it) so please fix it but good game. edit: you fixed it! I am now getting all my rewards and stuff! Thanks for fixing!

Everything is pretty easy to use and the game looks cute. However, I m not sure if it’s a glitch or just my inability to get 3 stats on story mode level 39. No matter the car speed or the amount of jewels I get I never go above 3 stars. All other levels I’ve gotten 3 stars.

amazing…what a great pleasure playing this.

i havent even installed this yet but since i have installed the other 2 apps about starlit already, i know I’ll love this to! keep it up!
  • Rockhead Games
  • Thank you, Galaxy!
stuck at loading screen. love the adventure game and wished to play this one too. PLEASE FIX!!!!
  • Rockhead Games
  • Hello Cecilia, we are already fixing this bug. Please make sure you update the app when the new version is released (the next few days) and if this problem keep happening please write us again.

Eh. I’m liking it so far. Just waiting for it to be finished.

thank you rockhead games for making that game
  • Rockhead Games
  • Hello, we already fix this bug. Please make sure you have the last version of the app and if this problem keep happening please write us again.
Was really intrigued to try this game out. But the game gets stuck at the loading screen. Shame
  • Rockhead Games
  • Hi Karnan, there was really a problem, but it has already been fixed. Please update the app for improvements to be implemented. Thanks for the review and good fun!
fun to play but needs to get tokens easier
  • Rockhead Games
  • Hi Megan, thanks for your review! We recognize that’s a issue and we have intention to raise the tokens gained at cups and also we are exploring some other token source options. Keep an eye at the next upcoming versions and have fun!

It won’t install. Let alone download. Starts to get stuck at 38.82% stop and started same problem. Phone has free space and is android OS 8

I Love it Is a brand new Starlit Game Is like mario kart!
  • Rockhead Games
  • Yay

Latest Update :

Nuru’s Challenge!
End of season one!

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