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[Game] Stickman Dragon Fight – Super Stick Warriors

Stickman Dragon Fight  You are a fan of role playing games? You like it to be stickman games?

Welcome to Stickman Dragon Fight – Super Stick Warriors!

You will find it so much fun to experience this simple but interesting gameplay. All you need to do is dodge, jump, power your ki, perform basic and 3 advanced skills, transform your hero into an ultra instinct then fight against invaders. The control is so simple that you will be amazed at how attracting the sound effects and graphics are.

The game integrates some features that make the gaming experience more comfortable than ever:

Completely free
No network connection required


Phenomenal 3v3 stick fights
There are not only traditional 1 vs. 1 fights but also interesting 3 vs 3 fights in Stickman Dragon Fight – Super Stick Warriors. You can team up easily with 2 more heroes to fight against a team of three other heroes in Versus mode, or 16 teams of three in Tournament mode.

A large collection of the strongest fighters
Win battles, get rewards to unlock the more than 100 fighters
Try out new characters, practice fighting skills in training mode before deciding which characters to unlock
Roleplay as villains and protagonists, explore the power and experience their unique powers and eye-catching performances of each super stick warriors of the Universe.

Missions and Rewards

There are 3 interesting modes to play:

Story mode: Go on a long journey to discover every single corner in the world, to search for the enemies, get into many fantastic playgrounds to defeat them and save people
Versus mode: Face your favorite opponent in an intense fight and try to prove your skills and powers
Tournament mode: 16 finest heroes or teams will fight in the tournament. Who stands the ground until the end will be the glorious winner.
The spin is free and its rewards are attracting such as gold or even a character
Lots of daily quests and milestones to complete that come with rewards
Receive free gifts are available at any time

Let’s download Stickman Dragon Fight – Super Stick Warriors and enter into the arena to fight for your team of heroes and humans on the Earth!

Our developers will continuously update more characters, storylines and refine the product to deliver a brilliant gaming experience for you and your friends!
If you need any technical support or would like to send us some suggestions to improve the game, please contact us via:
EMAIL: azura.infor[at]

Stickman Dragon Fight user reviews :

I love this game so much the controls of the player is good. I can move easily and hit easily and dash easily and transform easily into a super sain . Also the people inside this game are not very very very strong but some players are very strong. I can’t even kill them! But I still love this game.

It’s great in so many ways and I have been playing for a year or two now and I wish you can fly up again and float it also gives more room and space to move Although this one thing isn’t my favorite it doesn’t change how good the characters, power level, and abilities you could do are and I respect the creators of this game.

This game is really fun except the reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there’s no flying.Please developers add this feature and I might actually give the game 5 stars.Apart from that the game is great and there’s no lagging,no glitches, graphics fair.I could tell developers weren’t that creative because they used the same design as the characters out of anime and names which really annoyed me because they could had at least made there own design and name because its not hard.

This game is boring and unfair I was trying to unlock vegeta ssj1 but you need to watch 15 ads that’s fine but after I got to 13 out of 15 ads no more would pop up so I decided I’ll just beat the next level and watch 2 more then when I went to watch the other 2 IT RESET TO 0/15 Ads that’s the biggest BULL I’ve ever seen in Maine it’s unfair and a waste of my time also the game is to easy and boring you can’t move up or down so it’s not the best I’m unistalling sadly

Sure there’s a lot of ads but it’s a super fun game. I really like that the levels are so easy except for the bosses of course, 5 star game one of the best stick man games out there!!

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