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Street Fighter DuelEnter the world of Street Fighter like never before with the first idle RPG game of the franchise – Street Fighter: Duel!

Street Fighter: Duel is the official Street Fighter idle RPG built for the casual Street Fighter fan. Collect and level up a team of iconic fighters, ​battle your way through an original story, and compete against friends and opponents around the world!

Strengthen your characters and equipment to level up your team’s power constantly with the idle system – even when you’re away from the game – so you can conquer new challenges as soon as you log on.

Recruit your team from an ever-expanding roster over 40 legendary characters, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Guile, and more.

Devise winning tactics, coordinate your fighters’ combos and factions, and choose the right moment to unleash signature moves to achieve victory against stronger opponents.

Defeat Shadaloo’s army in the story mode, spar with friends, fight alongside your guild, or climb the leaderboards – all ways to showcase your team and mastery of the game.

Every day brings new opportunities to reap daily rewards and conquer new bosses
Plus, look out for new modes and challenges with new fighter releases.

Are you ready to unleash your fighting spirit? Join the fight today and prove your worth in the world of Street Fighter!

Street Fighter Duel user reviews :

I loved street fighter as a kid. I had high hopes for this game. The graphics and game play is great but it seems that people who don’t spend a ton of money get shafted as soon as the start. The further you get the worse the characters draws get. The events are paywalled without giving a player the opportunity to judge whether or not that they would spend will help them progress or not! It’s a shame because I really like the game. I would spend money but not when forced to!

  • Hey there, thanks for your review! We’re sorry you are disappointed with the game. We are always interested in player feedback and would be appreciative of any time you spend giving us additional details. If you have a chance, please send us any suggestions using the form at

My only complaint is the process of awakening. The game is very generous with events and login bonuses, the character selection is huge, the summoning is fun, the story is engaging, and the game modes are very rewarding, but you end up needing a lot of the same character to get one strong character, if the chances of getting characters were higher or if an item was introduced to substitute for awakening material then the players could have more fun with the summoning mechanics.

  • Hi there! Thanks for sharing your feedback about the way how you go through the awakening process. Please reach out to us at, and send any other suggestions, we’ll gladly help you.

Game looks fantastic. The spaghetti code makes me what to put my genitals in a blender. When you successfully counter the super of the ai in campaign, 9/10 times the opponent still combos with no super to combo off of. Or they will combo of their own super, which isn’t allowed for the players. Tons of other issues with the code, like passives and combos not doing what they say they should do for example, but not enough characters to type them all in a single review.

  • Hello Cory! We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the game functionality. Please let us know more details at, and we’d gladly help you! Thank you for playing Street Fighter Duel!

The game is fun, but it’s only F2P-friendly until chapter 7-4. There’s a huge difficulty spike there and F2P resources will take literal weeks to save before you can progress. The aim is to clearly get players to spend because by that point, you’d have invested a lot of time building up your team and managing your resources between the excessive game modes and menus to get that far. So, you’re less likely to abandon your progress and more likely to spend on the game’s crazy expensive economy.

  • Hi Terrance! Thank you for sharing your review and this feedback with us, this helps us a lot to keep improving in Street Fighter Duel. Please feel free to share with us any ideas that would make your game experience even better while you play it at, we’ll gladly hope to hear more from you

Solid game play and graphics, love this game and would recommend for street fighter and non street fighter fans. The game is challenging enough and the graphics are top notch. The only thing that isn’t great is when you advance more and more into the game it gets so hard you have to start spending money. Also the fight mechanics fluctuate to much between attempting to re beat a stage. One second your one punch away from beating it and the next you die after 2 punches. Make it make sense devs.

  • Hi Kevin! We truly appreciate your feedback about Street Fighter Duel, and we thank you for the feedback shared. It is important for us to know how our fans feel about our game, we’d like to have additional information about your experience in order to improve it, please reach out to us with more details about this at

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