Super Toolbox – Release unnecessary memory

[App] Super Toolbox – Boost & Clean

Super Toolbox  Super Toolbox is designed to clean junk files, release memory, save power and manage files.

Features (FREE):

Memory Clean
Release unnecessary memory with one tap to speed up your phone. The feature is designed to automatically close background apps on a regular basis to keep your phone at best performance.

Junk Clean
Clean all kinds of junk files on your phone such as processes, cache, temporary files, remained files after un-installation, empty files, clipboard records and large files.

WiFi Detection
Detect your WiFi status to ensure online security. Detect and stop risky public WiFi or phishing hotspot to protect your personal privacy and property. Identify and stop apps attempting to connect to Internet in the background

Power Saver
Detect power status in real time and show you the remaining usage time. Multiple built-in power-saving modes for your selection to extend stand-by time.

File Manager
The feature enables you to manage filed stored on external SD card by categories or directories, so you can find out the files that take up the most space and delete them for more free space.

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Super Toolbox user reviews :

Fine till U try 2 open app n order 2 setup. It doesn’t open till U send feedbacks everyday 2 developer with problems. Then after 6 feedbacks then its back 2 working smooth sailing. So I give it a B- lol. Have new phone now, since I have this installed n 1 phone, but this installation n new phone doesn’t have Rocketman! What happen 2 Rocketman task killer, it does it’s job good. Now without it on my 2nd # this 1. I’m gonna have 2 Uninstaller it sad.

Seems to have worked well so far. I will say the junk cleaner takes care of more than any other app I’ve ever used

It has a whitelist, but doesn’t allow you to add apps to it.

This is a really super app but there’s only one problem I don’t know why it’s easily hijacked and it has a lot of permissions so when it is hijacked it can become very negative experience but other than that it does what it says it will do it’s got a lot of super tools in it but that’s what the hijackers love to get a hold of if it’s kept in the outer way hidden place on your phone and they hidden corner somewhere where nobody goes and you do a job with it there it works great

Seriously good functioning app, worthy of its ranking here on google play. Not to many that ive personally used; or tried out be it for a weekend, an ENTIRE YEAR; or even just for a super quick couple of minutes – probably to figure out its complete junk…. Not to many on Google play this day in age is ACTUALLY WORTH the ranking its givin by its consumers. This one…However IS 100%

It worked great on the initial run. Scanning and clean up process appear to work fine but It freezes during the cleanup process on subsequent scans. This occurred after the first ad appeared, never worked again unless you uninstall/reinstall. [ S-Note20 Ultra 5G ]

I think it actually did make my phone work alot better than before and I have something wrong with the phone will not let me erase apps. When I try it makes many duplicate apps. Sometimes overheats to over 110-120 degrees or more and battery doesnt last long but this app may have helped. I keep you posted on the helpfulnes of app. Thank you.

Too many ads. Cleaned 1.36 GB of 3.5 that I know was accessible to clean through a paid app… Which is less than mightve been, or should’ve, cleaned. But greater than Avast or any free cleaning apps. I’ve gained more than a gig I wouldn’t have without a paid version. I’m a little leery of what was cleaned, exactly, because the app doesn’t provide any way to opt out of cleaning certain types of data cache. Hoping all is well and that nothing got deleted that shouldn’t have. Thank you.

I love this app!! It is easy, ready to go, and very fast and accurate. I’ve tried SOOOO many phone cleaners, boosters, “”Fix it’s” & this one WORKS like it says. Yay! Thank U,Dev, GREAT JOB ON A GREAT APP! My phone is running so much smoother and faster! I highly recommend this app to everyone! 10 stars if I could!

Seems like a decent app, but ads are full screen and very very loud. I also am trying to whitelist apps I don’t want closed, and the device says “Tap “+” to add apps to ignore list so they don’t get closed””, but nowhere do I see a list of apps to choose from or a “+” to press

can we get a half star with that 4. Its mostly good especially in rough situations also stands up to viruses longer than most apps do for example anti virus apps are typically effected last due to the nature of the app. The tool box went down after multiple anti virus apps in three separate tests done on a known corrupted device. The past performence is why its on my service phone now

I’m having trouble exiting the clean screen once cleaned top left corner arrow pointing to left with x to hit to get out does’nt work not sureif app is problem or phone.

This is a very nice clean and phone boosting app! It’s very user-friendly and it’s free to use as long as you don’t mind seeing ads. Plus it’s one of those apps that will run in the background and do a little tweaking here and there while you’re using your device, which is also very nice. I highly recommend this program!

its amazing my wifis speed increase my speed up cool for me

exactly what i was looking for. i just wish i could pay for a version without ads. which arent too bad but a developers hard work shouldn’t go unrewarded… and i hate ads haha.

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