Supremacy 1914 – Choose your favorite nation during WWI

[Game] Supremacy 1914 – The Great War

Supremacy 1914  Choose your favorite nation during WWI and assume the highest office in your desired empire.

Balance the production of materials, troops and weaponry with the rare resources your land has to offer. Form alliances with your competitors, do important trade deals or fight yourself through the 1st World War scenario you are challenged with. This rough period demands a valiant leader like you.

Ensure your peoples survival, train them to join their brothers in arms on the battlefields on foot, as cavalry or even place them into the first experimental tank. Develop your country and slowly conquer the world.

Immersive Strategy – This is not a game that you play once and forget; the world map is huge, and the options available are vast. Your game may go on for months at a time! 9.3/10 – MMO Games

Supremacy 1914 seems pretty interesting and will definitely be one of your favorites if you like this genre. There is also role playing going on which will make you feel at home. 8.6/10 – OMGSpider

Veteran grand strategy players will see their strategic skills be put to use on the battlefields in this huge World War I game, battling with economy, armies and the ever growing threat presented by your opponents. Play as Wilhelm II or change history however you want. In Supremacy your imagination and skill are your only limits! Up to 500 players can compete in real time on historical and fictional scenarios.


Real Time Multiplayer
Up to 500 real opponents per map
Realistic distances and unit movement
Multiple maps and scenarios to play
Historically accurate troops and vehicles
Experimental weapons and units of the time
Frequent updates and new content
Forge alliances with other players
Win together in coalitions
Play on all of your devices

If you are an existing Call of War or Conflict of Nations player, feel free to use your existing account to play the game!

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S1914 is free to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

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Supremacy 1914 user reviews :

This is a perfect example of what a good game looks like. I don’t play for long but i can say that it doesn’t take much time and it’s fun. You can log in once or twice a day and win. Just be careful what you do. I’m loving it and the free 2k gold once in a while makes it perfect. I don’t necessarily need to pay for the gold. I’m loving it. 5/5

I like this game a lot. Entertaining and addictive. Although I don’t like how gold is the only way to boost morale quickly. I mean if your soldiers are in a town their morale should boost quickly. Also would like if you could speed things up or the progression of things, with other than gold. Also when you have the armoured vehicles or cavalry, honestly their travel times should be halved or something like that.

I like this game. It seems like it could be really fun and very well can be. But the problem is that the game plays very slow. You have to have the pacience of a dead person to play. Everything takes hours, but you can speed it up only with gold that is purchased. If everything didint take forever, this game would be top tier. If there were less microtranactions and borderline pay to win. It would be even better. I hope they add more technology as well. Stuff like zepplines or dreadnoughts.

I am addicted to this game. I am on very often so far just in the tutorial map, but has been the best online alt histroy game I’ve seen thus far. Beautiful controls, fair timed moves, and overall a blast to play if you can commit some time every once and a while. I would give it 5 stars but some bugs are still in the game such as freezing after selecting multiple provinces, and more. Overall, a fantastic fun game to play!

This is not a bad game. They do need a better tutorial for players that are unfamiliar. If you just start playing there will be a hard learning curb, so feel free to ask for help via newspaper in game or from coalition members if you are in one. This is NOT a fast pace game, these games can take a month or even more to complete in some instance. This game is a real deal strategy. You will need friends, to balance resources, how and where to attack an enemy. You will have to think.

Great game, been playing it for a few years already on the PC version. However I have performance issues with this mobile version, scrolling feels choppy and the map looks blurry for me. The web mobile version works better as of right now for me.

finally a World War 1 strategy game that I enjoy to play. They do need to explain the mechanics of the game a little bit more a larger tutorial would be phenomenal and more descriptions. ( such as what each individual building does, detailed explanation on production of resources. Also get rid of the different building times, the in game time and the real world time difference. there really isn’t any need for that. and personally I know would make it more realistic and immersive) Thank you

game is very addictive! At least if you Iike strategy sort of stuff. It’s world war 1 themed and they are still improving the game. The developers also made Call of War and I played that with my friend and was hooked. It’s pure strategy!

Latest Update :

In this update, we fixed one of those annoying bugs that allowed queuing the same building twice. We also implemented some balancing changes related to the recent game mechanics update. Building damage when conquering a province was decreased and AI troop placement was adjusted to better reflect the introduced mechanics. Check our Supremacy 1914 Update News on the main menu to find all the details!

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