Survival Island EVO – Atmosphere became less and less livable

[Game] Survival Island EVO – Survivor building home

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Survival Island EVOSurvival Island EVO : Many centuries have passed before the humanity has finally achieved its long awaited goal – we have conquered the Earth and enslaved the nature forces. But you know how they say, the bigger they are – the harder they fall.

Eventually we did fall and it was hard. Environmental cataclysm exploded, covering every major city in toxic smog, the atmosphere became less and less livable with each passing day, the Earth’s light started to decay.

The only way of delaying the inevitable turned out to be a special emulsion obtained out of the rarest metal Pridium. The Earth Protection Committee formed a special task force in order to discover new worlds rich in Pridium. You stepped up as a volunteer and departed for the unexplored territory but as it usually happens, something went wrong. You woke up on an island with no team, no water or food, no clothes and only with a dull head and a heap of questions. You must survive by all means and get back home. It won’t be easy so get going and good luck!

Game features:

Explore the wilderness!
Build your house from the ground up!
Utilize an extensive crafting system with tons of recipes!
Meet the island fauna!
Island survival sandbox simulator.

Survival Island EVO user reviews :

The graphic is the best. But I wish it had more features like rainy/stormy days, more ecosystems in islands including more wild fruits and animals, wandering-dangerous animals at night so you’d have to fight them or stay inside , underwater fish at lake & sharks in the ocean and you could kill them with spears , mysterious things in other islands like native tribes and you could find your partner. Oh my, if you add these features, this game would be the bestest game on Android. Thanks

I reached level 40. No new recipe that I can craft. The game no longer challenging. Only the challenging part are to find fiber. Fiber needed to make clothes, weapons, ropes. I’m suggest that leaves can be made into fiber. I have a lot of bones but always not enough ropes to make weapons because not enough fiber. TIPS: Hunt animals is easy. Just go into water and kill all the wild animals. They can’t swim. That’s how I get unlimited meat. Besides, we can hunt animal from house with no wall.

Great game, most reviews are outdated or from people who didn’t understand that there are tips whenever you try something new and gave up. I would rate five stars but there are some glitches that happen like animals going through buildings when fighting (only with very small buildings like tents and one by one houses) Other than that the graphics are good and there are only ads when you choose to watch them to speed tings up and when you leave to the main menu.

Controls are terrible.. You fly when you jump which was neat. But attacking enemies is hard. … My weapon would just freeze.. Finding food.. Next to impossible.. Lions spawned in the water and killed me while i was farming canes.. Making the walls buildable with wood should be in game.. This game isnt terrible.. Its just very poorly programmed. Building a tent that you cant sleep in.. Yet another stupid idea.. Did i mention lions were as small as the foxes.. And elephants climb trees..

Would not even let me into the game. Every time that I tried to start the game, it would reforest me to the play store so that I would not their one dollar “Pro” game. I would be unable to tell the difference due to me not getting to try the nonpro version. I would rather have has them charge me upfront. Not worth my time.

This used to be my favorite game.. And still would be if I could use. The probe that I paid for and it would work but I paid for the probe because I liked it and I can’t even use it. Doesn’t even work when you try to play it tells you some garbage and hitting it hasn’t worked since I bought it. I think I ended the play it 6 times. And then it doesn’t work anymore.

It started out god but then it started to not let me place anything down. It would not let me put a campfire and the flooring on the wooden foundation. So i have go back into the game everytime. Hope you habe more luck then me and i have tried 3 diff devices. Good luck

This is a good game. but it has a biggest problem that is many times game starts new one . I played 6/7 times new . please do anything to save game in online

This is a very grate gane…with amazing grapic s and smooth animation wen useing crafting items and wepons….all though I wish I didn’t have to buy the pro just to use creative mode,I hope in the future that this will be free at all time with no purchasing.

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