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TorGuardTorGuard’s OpenVPN app provides easy one-click access to safe VPN service and private browsing in the country of your choosing.

Within just a few minutes, you can have military-grade OpenVPN or Wireguard encryption guarding your mobile internet connection. Your presence will vanish and you can take back your internet privacy with TorGuard VPN!

Why use TorGuard’s virtual private network & anonymizer to hide your IP address?

Access 3000+ anonymous VPNs in over 55+ countries
You can hide your IP using secure VPN proxy servers in The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, India, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and more. Go stealth mode and unblock censorship anywhere in the world!

Fully encrypt your downloads
TorGuard is a decentralized VPN provider with an advanced WiFi security protection system. 100% private VPN service for anonymous, secure web browsing. You’ll get Wi-Fi security to enjoy safer internet and protect your data when web surfing at public hotspots.

Get unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds
No bandwidth caps, or throttling, just an unlimited, fast, reliable VPN. Fast connection speeds with 100% uptime from anywhere in the world.

Make up to 12 simultaneous connections on all your devices
Get this trusted VPN app and connect your devices with our proxy servers to get away from online censorship. Enable this VPN for security and guard your online privacy. TorGuard acts as your hotspot VPN shield so you can access all sites globally.

World class support
24/7 customer support via email and chat.

PLEASE NOTE: TorGuard app is NOT free – it requires a premium TorGuard VPN account from Premium VPN Service for as low as $2.49/month.

As always, our global VPN support team is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you have.

E-mail: helpdesk[at]
Add us on Twitter:

TorGuard user reviews :

Rating 5 stars because it’s always been great. Recently though, my favorite functionality of the app is broken. I am no longer able to use the pulldown/notification shade/quick access button. This was incredibly convenient for me to quickly enable and disable the vpn based on my needs, but as of this week, this functionality seems broken. I can tap the button, but it freezes and then “greys out”. It says “Unavailable.”

When it works, it’s fine. Recently though, it refuses to auto-connect and when I go to do it manually, it will only give me the login screen. When I try to login, it just spins infinitely. To only way to make it work is to delete all storage data and re-login every time. It will drop connection without warning on the same network as well as any time I change networks. I might as well use a cardboard tube as my VPN; it’d be more reliable and cheaper. Go get Mulvad or another real VPN.

Updated review 12/20 You guys fixed the app, working better than ever before. With the update to allow mock locations on top of VPN locations in my speeds have doubled. I was getting 100MB for years now I’m getting 300MB. Updated review 11/21 Having issues with login from app, it just spins. I can only get an connection from the quick titles in the notification bar. Its working but not as good as before. I’m hopeful it will get fixed on the next update. Keeps getting better and better

  • We’re always working hard to improve the app. Thanks for your download and feedback.

Leaving a review specifically for version 1.60.10.P, which has broken the Quick Access button feature. Since I use the feature constantly, this has proven annoying at best. I tried submitting my logs through the app, but it seems that the Feedback feature only lets you share without actually sending the feedback anywhere. I can’t find a way to submit this otherwise, so through review it is I guess. VPN works great, please stop making it harder to use because of poor app implementation.

5/5 service. Tech support, 2/5 Why did your tech support try to make me feel like I’m the stupid one by saying over and over “no one else is having this issue…” When the issue was on your end? For that disrespectful response I will never give 5 stars but I will update to 4 stars once me and that lovely tech support work out the lan bypass not staying ‘open’, so to speak, issue. Edit: LAN bypass issue was fixed a few updates ago but look at their response….

  • Hi, we apologize for any issue you might be having! we don’t have any other users complaining of such a problem and LAN Bypass does indeed work.. Could you send details of what you are experiencing to our customer support at sysadmin[at] We’ll get you up and running.

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