Tower Defense Magic Quest – Take part in epic magic battles

[Game] Tower Defense Magic Quest

Tower Defense Magic QuestOne of the best offline strategy games 2020!

Take part in epic magic battles and defend all towers in awesome tower defense game which does not require wi fi. Complete all of 20 fantastic levels of this tower defense free game.

In Tower Defense: Magic Quest you will confront numerous enemies that siege your towers in fascinating locations — valleys, dwarven mines, mountains, deserts, seaboard and even floating islands.

Magic Quest: Tower Defense

A unique tower defense with outstanding units

Epic magic battles
Lots of magical creatures: goblins, orks, ogrs and many others
6 unique territories to defend allow you to have the full battle experience
40 levels
4 upgradable towers
No Wi Fi Internet Required
Classic tower defense mechanics

Join the epic adventure in the world of beautiful and extreme tower defence game in the best strategy offline game. Play without Internet / Wi Fi.

Tower Defense Magic Quest user reviews :

Only a few levels and fun so far. No ads mid level is a big plus.

Okay… I know there’s not exactly a whole lot of variation between tower defense games, but a lot of these assets look sort of “heavily inspired” by another very popular series of TD games on mobile. Other than that, UI is a bit clunksome, the game itself seemed pretty easy although I didn’t bother playing to the end, and I don’t think the micro transactions add significant value to the game. Mediocre.

  • Hi! We are sorry that you don’t like the game. Please tell us how we can improve the game for you and we will do our best to resolve it ASAP!

Very fun, one thing I love about it is that it just throws you into the game with no tutorial. No hand holding, which I think is great. One thing I don’t like are the ads. Most of them are optional which is good but there is one that will pop up after you spin a fortune wheel. I would have given more stars but I bought a deal that said it would get rid of ads and it did not. (Not too annoyed at this as it was a bundle deal, got a cool hero and a BUNCH of gems.)

  • Hi Michelle! Good thing you noticed that. Fortune Wheel Ads should not be shown to anyone who has bought “NO ADs”. Yes, we will definitely remove the ads in the fortune wheel in the next update. Thanks for your feedback. Have a nice game

Too easy. Once you upgrade the archer tower to level 5 it’s the only tower you need. Just place as many as you can at the start of a map and upgrade them all as you can and nothing ever gets close to getting by. 3 starred every map with literally just archers. Definitely needs more content/balancing. Otherwise, it’s not terrible. The bomb tower is not worth it. Mage towers don’t feel strong enough and having only 2 guards from the barracks doesn’t work, blocking 2 in a swarm isn’t helpful.

  • Hi Steven! Every day we work on new content. New towers, new heroes, new levels, new sounds, new balance and much more. You will see how the game is getting better and more interesting before your eyes! Thanks you

Been playing it for a short time, but it’s a decent game so far, the graphics are rather nice, gameplay is your standard tower defense, a bit too easy maybe, adds are optional to watch, but without them you get next to no resources. Some towers and all heroes but one are paywalled.

It might just be that i play a lot of tower defense games but this is extremely easy, i couldnt tell a difference on hard mode, and theres no reason to do hard anyway since it only gives one star while easy/normal gives 3 stars. Theres some sort of leveling thing that makes towers do better but the system is kinda meh, theres ads like in a usual free to play. You have to pay for the other towers that you dont start with, or go through the game to get some of them, same story for the heroes.

  • Hi! We are sorry that you don’t like the game. Please tell us how we can improve the game for you and we will do our best to resolve it ASAP!

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