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TrackingTimeTime Tracking App that helps companies manage their projects, track working times and measure productivity.

A simple and powerful task manager that allows you to stay organized and keep track of your working hours in real time. The app also focuses on collaboration; you’ll be able to organize your clients, projects and tasks on your dashboard and see the work being done by others on your team.  Get real-time updates, comments and notifications. TrackingTime creates in-depth time analytics, timesheets and performance reports automatically.

Top Features:

Time Tracking:

Keep track of your working times right from your to-do list with just one click. No need to fill out timesheets or set up timers.

Built-in Collaboration: Organize your team, projects and tasks. Real-time updates and notifications ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Task Comments:
Keep all the conversations about your tasks in one place.

Break complex tasks into smaller achievable goals.

Time and Performance Analytics:
Building great projects, teams and companies takes time. Our detailed timesheets and performance reports show you exactly how much.

TrackingTime is designed for global teams. The system is localized for English, German Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian. More languages coming soon!

Enterprise class Security:
Our backend is built on top of Java Enterprise solutions, the same technology used by banks and top e-commerce providers.

Top Benefits:
Allows you to accurately measure employee productivity.
Allows for more flexible working conditions like remote working.
Brings more transparency into your daily business.
Helps you improve project budgeting and make better estimates.
Helps foster a culture of autonomy and openness.
Builds trust between your company and outsourced contractors.
Who is it for?:
TrackingTime is designed for founders, project managers and freelancers who want to make the most out of their time. Most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses from creative industries such as web design, software development, news and media, PR and marketing, photography, architecture, digital arts, etc. Any knowledge worker can benefit from our service.

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TrackingTime user reviews :

Nice list of features and lots of potential here, but this app is buggy and clearly hasn’t been thoroughly tested. After just using it a few minutes, it became too frustrating to continue using, for starters: (1) There is no way to delete a task. (2) On the Tasks screen, if you click the Play icon to start a task, the icon doesn’t change from “Play”, so it looks like the task hasn’t been started, and the only way to stop the task is to look at the bottom of the screen and tap Stop. (3) Every time you start a task, it automatically “stops” any other task that was started, so it won’t let you run concurrent tasks. While this feature may be necessary in some scenarios, that’s not how projects work in the real world. I should be able to have overlapping tasks. Overall, just starting and stopping tasks is cumbersome and with an unintuitive interface. It’s obvious this app was designed for just organizing projects and tasks and not really for tracking them to the minute. It’s too much work to do so.

I use TrackingTime on my laptop (Mac iOS), to track my billable hours on freelance projects. While the desktop app is great, the android app could use a little love. I’ve got in on my Samsung S3 tablet. The forced portrait mode is incredibly frustrating when I’m trying to start the timer after I’ve already opened my word processor (usually Google Drive). Additionally, being able to start the timer from a widget on my home screen would be a massive improvement of my experience. I’m sticking with it for the moment, because it does what I need and syncs across my devices, but the thought of opening it on my tablet makes me wonder if there aren’t better options out there. (Also I agree with the reviewer who asks for project color coding. That would be awesome!)

Great and get the task recorded with accurate precision. That’s all that needed to be said. Thank to the tech staff and developers,for there hard work on this software.

Good idea, clunky and inconsistent execution. Importing tasks or events is a bit hit and miss. It’s not possible to bulk edit unless you want to delete things. Sync is random at best often happening hours after events change without warning The Android app seems very limited, no widget and is only marginally better than the desktop app. My implementation never seems to refresh or update without a force stop and clear of the cache

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