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[Game] Tri Peaks Solitaire

Tri Peaks SolitaireStart an exciting adventure with Tri Peaks Solitaire game (also known as TriTowers, Triple Peaks, Three Peaks or Pyramid Solitaire).

Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire is a captivating card solitaire game that combines in itself strategy, attention span and brain responsivity. The aim of the game is to gather all cards from the table by taking a card with a value that is one higher or one lower than the top card in your deck.

There’s always a walkthrough, you just need to find it! No time limits – relax and take your time. But, if you’d like to try and complete a lever gaining all three stars, play fast and make big combos!

If you like to play card games, TriPeaks or a Classic solitaire – this game is definitely made for you. In case you never played a game like this before, give it a try! It will take you a few minutes to understand how this game works.

Plenty of exciting levels; a variety of bonuses and boosters; unusual cards making the game even more interesting; outstanding graphics and wonderful music are waiting for you.
This game is filled not only with aces, cowboys and jokers! You will set out in a captivating journey of a pilot girl, Mary, who ended up unconscious on a mystic island after the airplane crash. Mary is about to visit the dark corners of her mind in order to return to the living.

Download the game right now and get:

Simple but exciting game play
Plenty of levels
A great variety of bonuses and boosters
Additional unusual cards
Free regular updates with new levels

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Tri Peaks Solitaire user reviews :

I love FIVE BN games except this one. The algorithm is set up to prevent winning. I’ve played the same level ~30 times and there are only a few different possible outcomes that the algorithm will allow. It was really easy to figure out once I started paying attention. It’s now installed because I would’ve been forced to pay to finish the level. I can’t get past the second island due to this cheating algorithm. Enjoy your greed. Karma will pay your company a visit soon…

This is by far my favorite solitaire game I have, problem is though, I finished the last level a long time ago. Losing hope that the “coming soon” levels will ever happen. If the developers gave up on making more levels, I wish they would atleast remove the coming soon teaser.

Beautiful colours! Lovely music! Hence 5 stars! Yet the levels are so difficult too get out makes you want too delete the game after so long! But I will keep trying! plus don’t know why the game keeps lighting my back button! As well as my on and off button! any ideas please? As this is the only game that does this!

I really love this game. I could play forever but developers forces you to buy jews which don’t go very far. Unlike other games you’re not rewarded after passing levels. I believe it’s the developers way to ensure purchases. I bought 50 jews 2x because after the 1st time they didn’t show up. I thought the transition didn’t go through so I tried again. The 2nd purchase didn’t show up either so I went to exit the game when they suddenly showed up. I’ll be looking for another game.

Frustratingly the +5 cards booster is useless as it has never even once had a single one of the cards needed to finish the level. Otherwise it’s an enjoyable game.

Played the actually enjoed it, gave it a good review.. Then after awhile and on third inland, no matter what i do i can’t pass it, unless i BUY.. And i thought this was different from others I was WRONG! You dont get anything if you pass levels either.. Im done!

After a couple of levels it gets really hard and it can take up to five or more tries complete a level, but otherwise good game.

This is the best game ever. Very challenging and not all like all the other solitare games. Please create more like this one. If you like solitaire then this game is a must and a winner. It gets a 5 star all the way

Would appreciate a place to obtain a free spin for daily like free joker or free 5 cards. The graphics are nice and so is music, a little confusing if you cant clear the board, maybe a button just to continue on instead of quit

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